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Our History & Founder's Principles | Our Founder's Principles

"Nomura's mission is to enrich the nation through the securities business. This is something we must absolutely see through." True to our founder Tokushichi Nomura II's words, we remain committed to enriching society by delivering clients superior services and solutions to meet all investment needs. This has been our unwavering spirit since our founding. It is our social mission and our raison d'être.

Read the ten principles set out by our founder and find out what lies at the heart of Nomura Group's operations even today.

Nomura's raison d'être "Nomura's mission is to enrich the nation through the securities business. This is something we must absolutely see through."
(Empirical Research on Investment Trusts, compiled by Nomura Securities Research Department)   Principle of putting the customer first "We must place our customers' interests before our own."
(100th edition of Osaka Nomura Business News)
Global ambition "Nomura is destined to become an active player on the international stage."
("Looking Back at My Life," by Tsunao Okumura)   Emphasis on rigorous research and analysis "We have a duty to research scientifically the intrinsic nature of all securities."
Staying one step ahead "Always strive to stay one step ahead. Standing still is retrogressive."
("Nomura Tokuanden")   Entrepreneurial spirit "If, as an entrepreneur, you can determine something to a 70% certitude, you must have the courage to take up the challenge even though some uncertainty remains."
(Capital Market Research)
Human resources "Nomura underscores the fact that the development of human resources, acquisition of talented personnel and ability to match the right talent with the most appropriate position are more formidable assets than sheer capital strength."
("Tsutakatsura")   Emphasis on team work "It is the management's task to see that Nomura employees take responsibility and pride in their work and to form a unified team under the control of branch office managers."
Business development frame of mind "We must have the courage to boldly follow the path of our convictions."
("Tsutakatsura")   Customer service mindset "If you conduct your work in a mechanical manner, believing simply that your role is over once the deal is done, there is no use in drawing on the strengths of those around you."


Tokushichi Nomura's autobiography, serialized in the Group's Newsletter.

"Nomura Tokuanden"

Biography published 1951 following death of Tokushichi Nomura.

About our founder Tokushichi Nomura

About our founder Tokushichi Nomura

Take a look back at our early days through the eyes of our founder Tokushichi Nomura.

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