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Nomura Securities | Executive Officers

Company Outline Management Structure Directors Executive Officers Senior Managing Directors Organizational Structure Map

Executive Officers (as of June 22, 2016)

11 Members

Title Name Responsibilities
(Representative Executive Officer)
(Serving concurrently as director)
Koji Nagai blank
Deputy President
(Representative Executive Officer)
Tetsu Ozaki blank
Deputy President
(Representative Executive Officer)
Toshihiro Iwasaki blank
Deputy President
(Representative Executive Officer)
Toshio Morita Investment Banking
Deputy President
(Representative Executive Officer)
Shoichi Nagamatsu Chief of Staff
Executive Managing Director Eiichiro Yamaguchi Head of Retail Division
Executive Managing Director Kentaro Okuda Investment Banking
Executive Managing Director Yasuo Kashiwagi Global Markets Co-Head and Head of Global Markets Asia-Pacific
Executive Managing Director Takumi Kitamura Financial Officer
Executive Managing Director Yuji Nakata Risk Management
Representative Executive Officer Tomoyuki Teraguchi Compliance and Operations, Internal Control Supervisory Manager
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