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Message from the Group CEO

Placing clients at the heart of everything we do as Asia's global investment bank
Koji Nagai Group CEO

Nomura has been a client-focused organization since our earliest days. By placing clients at the heart of everything we do, we are able to deliver high value-added products and services that meet the needs of our clients and local communities, thereby contributing to social development and economic growth.

Supporting Japan's Future

Our home market of Japan is on the verge of significant change. Since the new government came to power in 2012, we have seen early signs of an economic recovery. To build on this momentum, we need to look hard at what the country requires and how we can contribute.

Given that Japan is the world's largest creditor nation and has the world's fastest aging population, one area that requires attention is the creation of a new social framework. At the same time, we need to revise the structure of our financial system. For Japan to grow sustainably into the future, the capital markets will have to play a more prominent role. Indeed, Japan's approximately ¥1,500 trillion in personal financial assets holds the key to the country's future growth. Nomura aims to support this growth by facilitating the flow of funds throughout the economy.

Connecting Markets East & West

Asia is expected to account for half of the world's GDP by 2050 and will no doubt remain the growth engine of the global economy over the coming years. However, for the region to realize its full potential, Asian countries must finance the large-scale infrastructure projects required to underpin economic growth. Japan can play a leading role here, growing together with the rest of Asia by putting its financial assets to work across the region. With Asia as our home market, this is an area in which Nomura has a distinct competitive advantage.

As economies around the world mature and become increasingly global, companies and investors in the West are looking east for growth opportunities. As the only Japanese financial institution with a truly global network, Nomura is well placed to connect markets in the East and the West by leveraging our franchise to provide liquidity in the world's capital markets. By meeting the needs of our global client base and expanding our business, we can contribute to economic growth and social development.

In doing so, we aim to win the trust of our clients and society as we work towards being Asia's global investment bank.

Koji Nagai
Group CEO

Signature of Koji Nagai
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