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The Nomura Group, under the theme "For Future Generations", engages in activities in line with local needs, while forming partnerships with NGOs and other entities, in the regions around the world where it conducts business activities.

In Japan, Nomura employees actively participate in a variety of initiatives to contribute to local society, particularly in financial and business education.

Post-earthquake restoration support: The Sakura Project

Since 2012, Nomura has been working hand in hand with local groups to make Tohanayama Hill in Yamamoto Town, Watari District, Miyagi Prefecture, a notable cherry blossom ("sakura") viewing spot. The Watari District suffered severe tsunami damage in the Great East Japan Earthquake. With the eleventh semiannual event held in April 2017, we commemorated the steady growth of the newly planted trees by inviting local people and children to enjoy the blossoms and join with us in planting more saplings. Approximately 800 employees have participated in these activities to date.

Restoration Assistance Following the Great East Japan Earthquake

Supporting sports festivals at disaster-stricken elementary and middle schools

Nomura supports the "School Smile Support Project", launched in 2011 to provide support to areas affected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan. This effort was enacted in line with the needs of local people, with its focus on schools and education. Nomura initiated the "Support Caravan," which supports sports festivals at elementary and middle schools in Ofunato City and Rikuzentakata City, both in Iwate Prefecture. The Group also initiated the "Career Challenge Day" program, which supports career education for second-year students from all middle schools in Ofunato.

School Smile Support Project (Only available in Japanese)

Regular visits to children's foster homes

A volunteer team of Nomura employees regularly visits a foster home in Hatagaya, Shibuya, and tries to build supportive relationships with the children who live there. Thirty elementary- to high school-aged students who have been separated from their parents for various reasons live in this home. Nomura Group's members hold seasonal events, such as sports events and bazaars, with the children, listen to them talk about school life and provide advice about their futures as well as psychological support. Nomura has been certified as a "Tokyo Sports Promotion Company", which recognizes companies that implement initiatives promoting sports activities as part of the "Tokyo Sports Promotion Company Certification Program" created by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Our sports events have been certified under this program.


Since 2010, Nomura supports a program sponsored by the non-profit organization NPO TABLE FOR TWO International [TFT]. In our world of seven billion people, over one billion suffer from malnutrition, while another billion suffers from obesity. TFT tries to right this imbalance by simultaneously addressing the two opposing problems through a unique "calorie transfer" program.

For every purchase of the healthy lunches or vending machine drinks in the staff cafeteria, JPY20 (the equivalent of a plate lunch in Africa) and JPY10 are donated to the program, respectively. The program was launched in the Tokyo office and has since spread to the London office. Since its inception, the Nomura Group has provided close to 50,000 meals to children of developing nations every year.

TFT Website

Participation in the "Nihonbashi Cleanup Group"

The headquarters of the Nomura Group is at the foot of the Nihonbashi, one of Tokyo's notorious bridges. Each year, as part of its efforts to contribute to the local society, Nomura actively participates in the Nihonbashi Cleanup Group, managed by the Nihonbashi Preservation Society.

Nomura employees and their families clean every inch of the bridge with deck brushes, ridding the time-honored structure of one year's grime.

This initiative is held in cooperation with neighborhood associations, local companies, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the police department, the fire department and municipalities that own water resources across Japan. The Nihonbashi Preservation Society is a non-profit organization that works to bring the Nihonbashi back to prominence. In addition to sponsoring the cleanup group, the Society supports the famed Hakone Ekiden relay marathon and spearheads a campaign to collect signatures to move the expressway overpass that runs over the bridge to bring back blue skies over the Nihonbashi.

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