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Communication with Stakeholders

One of the ways Nomura Group interacts with stakeholders is through participation in activities with various initiatives in Japan and overseas that have the objective of contributing to society and the environment. Through dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders, we carefully examine and review the activities and information disclosure we undertake that are related to the economy, society (human rights and labor), and environmental issues. We also report to the CSR Committee when needed.

Dialogue with Stakeholders (Selected Examples)

Dialogue with Stakeholders (Selected Examples)
Themes External Organization Outline
Human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption United Nations (UN) Global Compact Participation in the Japan network
ESG UN Principles for Responsible Investment Participation in the Japan network
ESG Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century Participation in a working group on asset management, securities, and investment banking businesses
ESG Climate Bonds Initiative Participation as a partner in activities to promote green bonds
ESG CSR Asia Exchanges of opinions on ESG issues in Asia
Environment CDP Promotion, as a signatory, of the climate change and water programs
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