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Corporate Governance

The Company recognizes that enhancement of corporate governance is one of the top priorities to achieve the management vision of enhancing corporate value by deepening society's trust in the firm and increasing the satisfaction of stakeholders, including that of shareholders and clients. On this basis, the Company is committed to strengthening and improving the governance framework by pursuing transparency in the Company's management and expediting the decision-making process within the Nomura Group.

The Company has proactively engaged in establishing a governance framework to ensure transparency in the Company's management. Among other endeavors, when the Company adopted a holding company structure and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2001, the Company installed Outside Directors and established an Internal Controls Committee, a Compensation Committee (the majority of the members are Outside Directors) and an Advisory Board of eminent persons from outside the Company, and further improved its information disclosure system. In addition, in 2003, the Company further strengthened and increased the transparency of the Company's oversight functions by adopting the Committee System, a system in which management oversight and business execution functions are clearly separated, and established the Nomination, Audit and Compensation Committees (the majority of the members of each committee are Outside Directors). At the same time, considerable authority for the execution of business functions has been delegated to the Company's Executive Officers to expedite the Nomura Group's decision-making process.

In addition, the Company is striving to fulfill its responsibility to all stakeholders by establishing the "Code of Ethics of Nomura Group" in 2004, which specifies matters to be observed by each director, officer and employee of the Nomura Group with respect to corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

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