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Corporate Governance

Nomura Holdings recognizes that the enhancement of corporate governance is one of the most important issues in terms of achieving the management's goal of enhancing corporate value by deepening society's trust in the firm and increasing the satisfaction, beginning with clients, of stakeholders. The basic thinking concerning the governance of Nomura Holdings is as set forth below.

  • Nomura Holdings has strengthened the supervisory function by separating management's supervisory and executive functions and has adopted the "Company with Three Committees" structure, a highly transparent governance structure, which has the following three committees: the Nomination, Compensation, and Audit Committees, each made up of a majority of Outside Directors.
  • The Board of Directors will have a sufficient number of members/composition that enables active discussion from diverse perspectives and will supervise effectively. A Director who does not concurrently serve as an Executive Officer will serve as the chairman, and, as a general rule, the majority of the Board of Directors will be Outside Directors meeting the "Independence Criteria for Outside Directors" established by the Company. Business execution decisions will be made flexibly and efficiently by Executive Officers to whom authority has been delegated by the Board of Directors.
  • The Nomination Committee will, referencing the opinions of external evaluation institutions and others, strive to assess talented individuals and will decide on candidates for the office of Director based on certain election standards. For the election of candidates for the office of Outside Director, in addition to corporate management experience and expertise in law and accounting, diversity, including nationality and gender, will be considered.
  • The Compensation Committee, in deciding the compensation of Directors and Executive Officers, will, on the basis of the general rule of paying compensation commensurate with business performance, seek to enhance objectivity and transparency based on analysis performed by external evaluation institutions and others. Moreover, by utilizing deferred compensation, such as equity-related compensation with a certain exercise limitation period, the interests of the Directors and Executive Officers will be matched with the interests of shareholders, and long-term incentives will be increased. However, business performance-based bonuses and equity-based compensation will not be provided to Outside Directors.
  • The Audit Committee will include at least one member who is a financial expert and transparency will be increased by having an Outside Director serve as chairman. To raise the effectiveness of legality/adequacy audits performed by the Audit Committee, a full-time Director who does not concurrently serve as an Executive Officer from within the Company, who is well-versed in the affairs of the Company, will be a member of the Audit Committee or an Audit Mission Director, and a full-time support organization will be put in place.
  • Regarding the internal control system, it will be developed based on resolutions adopted by the Board of Directors, and the effectiveness/adequacy of the system will be secured through activities such as audits by the Audit Committee and activities of the Internal Audit Department that is independent from business execution. With a focus on the Internal Controls Committee in which both Audit Committee members and business execution managers participate, Nomura Holdings will strive to strengthen/enhance the internal control system.
  • Regarding risk management, high standards are constantly pursued, and the Group Integrated Risk Management Committee has been put in place to heighten management effectiveness and will appropriately submit reports/recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • Regarding matters concerning a company's social responsibility beginning with compliance, the Code of Ethics of Nomura Group has been established as the rules of conduct that all Directors, officers, and employees of the Nomura Group must comply with, and the Nomura Group will strive to carry out its responsibilities to all stakeholders.

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