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Nomura Holdings Capital Management

1. Capital Management Policy

Nomura seeks to enhance shareholder value by capturing business opportunities as they develop. To achieve this goal, Nomura maintains sufficient capital to support its business.

Nomura reviews its sufficiency of capital as appropriate, taking into consideration economic risks inherent in its businesses, regulatory requirements, and maintenance of a sufficient debt rating for a global financial institution.

2. Dividends

Nomura will strive to pay dividends using a consolidated pay-out ratio of 30 percent of each semi-annual consolidated earnings as a key indicator. Dividend payments will be determined taking into account a comprehensive range of factors such as the tightening of Basel regulations and other changes to the regulatory environment as well as the company's consolidated financial performance.

Dividends will in principle be paid on a semi-annual basis with record dates of September 30 and March 31.

3. Stock Repurchases

Nomura repurchases shares when it recognizes the need to set out flexible financial strategies that allow the Board to respond quickly to changes in the business environment.

When Nomura decides to set up a share buyback program, the firm will announce the decision soon after it is made and purchase the shares following internal guidelines.

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