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Publication Award Category Date
Thomson Reuters Analyst Awards Japan 2018
Broker Awards
No.1 Overall
Earnings Estimator
No.1 Overall: Technology Hardware (Tetsuya Wadaki)
No.1: Machinery (Katsushi Saito), Technology Hardware (Tetsuya Wadaki)
No.2: Software & IT Services (Chikai Tanaka) Transportation (Masaharu Hirokane)
No.3: Automobiles (Masataka Kunugimoto), Energy & Utilities (Shigeki Matsumoto), Food & Beverages (Takaomi Kono), Metals & Forest Products (Takaomi Kono), Trading Companies & Distributors (Yasuhiro Narita)
Stock Pickers
No.3 Overall: Retail (Hidehiko Aoki)
No.1: Retail (Hidehiko Aoki), Technology Hardware (Yu Okazaki)
No.2: Metals & Forest Products (Takaomi Kono)
No.3: Banks (Ken Takamiya), Energy & Utilities (Shigeki Matsumoto), Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure (Ryozo Minagawa), Machinery (Masayasu Noguchi), Retail (Ryozo Minagawa)
August 2018
Institutional Investor Asia's Top Corporate Access Providers ranking
  • No.1 ranked: Corporate Access team
April 2018
All-Japan Research Team Ranking
  • No.1 overall (team-based)
  • No.1 ranked: Autos, Banks, Beverages, Food & Tobacco, Construction, Electronics/Industrial, Electronics/SPE, Internet, Machinery, Software, Telecoms, FI Strategy
  • No.2 ranked: Broadcasting, Housing & Real Estate, Metals, Plant Engineering & Shipbuilding, REITs, Technical Materials, Trading Companies, Currency & Foreign Exchange, Economics, Equity Strategy, Quantitative Research
  • No.3 ranked: Chemicals, Electronics/Components, Energy & Utilities, Health Care & Pharms, Insurance & Nonbank Financials, Transportation
  • Runners up: Auto Parts, Electronics/Consumer, OTC & Small Companies, Retailing
April 2018
All-Japan Sales Team Ranking
  • No.1 overall
April 2018
Japan's Top Corporate Access Provider Ranking
  • No.1 overall
May 2017
GlobalCapital GlobalCapital Bond Awards 2017
  • No.1: Coming Force in FIG Bonds
  • No.1: Best FIG Bond House for Creative and Useful Funding Ideas
  • No.1: Most Impressive FIG Bond House in Yen
  • No.1: Most Impressive Uridashi dealer for SSAs
  • No.2: Most Impressive Bank at Sourcing New Borrowers for the MTN Market, Most Impressive FIG Bond Syndicate Banker
  • No.3: Most Impressive FIG Bond House in Sterling, Most impressive SSA Bond Origination Banker
Jun 2017
Global Derivatives Awards 2017
  • Volatility Derivatives Bank of the Year
September 2017
Asiamoney Asiamoney's Brokers Poll 2017
  • Best Local Brokerage: Japan
December 2017
Risk Magazine Risk Awards
  • Risk solutions house of the year
November 2017
AsiaRisk Interdealer Rankings
  • No.3: Japan single name equity products
  • No.3: JPY interest rate products
  • No.4: Japan equity index products
  • No.5: JPY currency products
  • No.5: KRW currency products
March 2017
The Asset The Asian Local Currency Bond Benchmark Review
  • Best Research Individuals in Asian Local Currency Bonds
November 2017
2017 Asian G3 bonds Benchmark Review
  • 2 analysts ranked in the top 10
September 2017
Nikkei Nikkei analyst survey
  • No.1 All equity analysts
32 Industry sectors and market categories
No.1 ranked: Industrial electronics, Glass / Paper & Pulp, Steel/nonferrous metals, Precision instruments/semiconductor equipment, Machinery, Banks, Construction, Business solution, Leisure/Amusement
No.2 ranked: Electronic parts, Autos, Chemicals/Textiles, Trading companies, Telecommunications, Media, REIT, Quants analysis
No.3 ranked: Beverages/Food & Tobacco, Insurance & Diversified financials, Housing/real estate, Energy & Utilities
March 2017
Fixed Income / FX Analyst and Economist
No.4 overall
No.1 ranked: Credit analysts
No.3 ranked: FX analysts
March 2018
Connecting Markets East & West