Awards & Recognition

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Publication Award Category Date
J-MONEY Best Research House 2021
Sectors, Large caps
No.1 overall
  • No.1 ranked: Food, Pulp/paper, Pharmaceurticals, Steel, Nonferrous metals, Electronics, Transportation equipment, Precision instruments, Information & Telecoms, Wholesale business, Banks, Other financials
  • No.2 ranked: Construction, Chemical, Glass, Metals, Other products, Air transportation, Warehouse / transportation, Real estate
  • No.3 ranked: Oil, Marine transportation, Retail
April 2022
Nikkei Nikkei Analyst Survey
32 Industry sectors and market categories
  • No.1 ranked: Industrial electronics, Precision instruments/Semiconductor equipment, Banks
  • No.2 ranked: Autos, Medical equipment/Services, Steel/nonferrous metals, Machinery/Shipbuilding & Plant engineering, Construction
  • No.3 ranked: Consumer Electronics, Electronic parts, Glass/Paper pulp & Other materials, Trading companies, Telecommunications
February 2022
TRADE Trading Awards
Algorithmic Trading category
Best Large Cap Provider (Instinet)
November 2021
The Asset 2021 Best Individuals in Asian G3 bonds
  • #3, #5, and #10 in Top Analysts
  • #6 and #7 in Top Economists & Strategists
November 2021
  Region's Best Local Currency Bond Individuals in Research, Sales and Trading
  • #2 in Pan Asia Research
  • #3 in Indian Rupee Bond Sales
  • #4 in Pan Asia Trading
  • #5 in Renminbi Bond Onshore Research
  • Highly commended in Pan Asia Sales
May 2021
GlobalCapital Global Derivatives Awards 2021
  • Interest Rate Derivatives House of the Year
September 2021
  Global Derivatives Awards 2020
  • Volatility Derivatives House of the Year
September 2020
  GlobalCapital Bond Awards
  • US RMBS Bank of the Year
June 2020
Institutional Investor All-Asia Research Team survey
Local Broker Firm Leaderboard, weighted by Commissions
#1 in Taiwan and South Korea
#3 in Indonesia
Analyst Leaders
#7 in commission-weighted
#10 in commission-weighted with top-ranked positions, AUM-weighted, as well as AUM-weighted with top-ranked positions
Local Broker Analyst Leaders by sector, weighted by commissions
China: Technology/Hardware
India: Health Care & Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas (including Chemicals)
Indonesia: Consumer Discretionary, Small & Mid-Capitalization Stocks
Malaysia: Small- & Mid-Capitalization Stocks, Gaming & Lodging, Technology/Semiconductors, Transportation (Operators of Airlines, Freight, Railroads, Shipping, Logistics, etc.)
South Korea: Basic Materials (including Cement, Coal, Metals & Mining, Paper & Forest Products, etc.), Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Technology/Semiconductors, Telecommunications
Taiwan: Technology/Hardware
Best Analysts of the Year, weighted by commissions
R/U in Taiwan Research, Technology/Hardware, Technology/Semiconductors
Best Analysts of the Year, weighted by AUM
R/U in Industry Sectors - Technology/Semiconductors
June 2021
  Japan's Top Corporate Access Providers ranking
  • #1 corporate access provider (as chosen by investors)
April 2020
WatersTechnology Asia Best Trading Network 2021
  • Instinet
June 2021
European Markets Choice Best Equities E/OMS
  • Instinet
June 2021
The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation Institutional Trade Processing Best Operational Brokers Awards
  • Fixed Income Operational Broker of the Year in Great Britain
May 2021
Consensus Economics Forecast Accuracy Awards
  • Most accurate forecasters of GDP growth and CPI inflation for Malaysia and Singapore
May 2021
Markets Media Markets Choice Awards 2021
  • Instinet’s Newport® is named Best Execution Management System
May 2021
Refinitiv StarMine Analyst Awards Japan 2020
Top Stock Pickers
No.1 Automobiles (Masataka Kunugimoto)
Top Earnings Estimator
No.1 Household Durables (Daisuke Fukushima), Telecommunications (Daisaku Masuno)
October 2020
HFM HFM Europian Hedge Fund Performance Awards 2020
  • Nomura's Fixed Income Risk Premia UCITS Fund - Highly Commended
July 2020
Bond Connect Bond Connect Awards 2020
  • Outstanding Investment Bank
July 2020
FocusEconomics Analyst Forecast Awards
  • Overall: Singapore, Thailand
  • Current Account: Czech Republic, Thailand
  • Fiscal Balance: Australia, Singapore, Philippines
  • GDP: Russia, New Zealand
  • Inflation: Japan, Singapore, Thailand
  • Interest Rate: South Africa
  • Overall: Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan
  • Current Account: Indonesia
  • Exchange Rate: Romania
  • GDP: Taiwan
  • Interest Rate: Malaysia, Thailand
  • Overall: Australia, New Zealand
  • Current Account: Philippines
  • Exchange Rate: Philippines
  • GDP: China, Singapore
  • Inflation: Hungary
  • Interest Rate: Philippines, Egypt
May 2020
DTCC (The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation) Institutional Trade Processing Best Operational Brokers awards
  • Fixed Income Operational Broker of the Year 2019 (US, Japan and Great Britain)
April 2020
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