Nurturing Human Resources Taking on Global Challenges

Nomura Group instituted its overseas training program in FY2013/14 to train the personnel aiming for further sustained growth as Asia's global investment bank. Thus far, 33 employees have been sent to 14 countries. We believe this training program will enable each employee to come into contact with diversified values, encourage them to confront the challenges, and will enable them to respond to changing client needs and offer high-value-added services.

Contributing to the Development of Agribusiness in Japan and Vietnam

Kota Imai (dispatched to Hanoi, Vietnam)

To overcome the difficulties of language barriers and the lack of personal connections, I dived proactively into new experiences such as living on a farm, developing new sales channels for agricultural products, and other challenges. The results I had were to discover a company aiming for listing its shares, to arrange for the business matching of Vietnamese and Japanese companies, and to give a presentation at a government sponsored agricultural conference attended by government ministers. I believe that I could contribute to agribusiness development by these experiences. I felt strongly that the main sources of successful business are "trust" and "human relationships." I also think that I want to be a person who can earn high trust regardless of different nationalities and ethnic origins.

Supporting the Development of an Indian Fair Trade Company

Ken Matsumoto (dispatched to Mumbai, India)

I encountered a fair trade company that tried to sell T-shirts in Japan while I was doing research on poverty in India. Although I had no particular knowledge of the apparel industry or special connections, I continued to contact Japanese corporations and was successful in establishing a business relationship with one company. B y carrying on my activities in Mumbai where the culture and business environment are completely different from Japan, I was able to get a deep understanding about economic conditions in Mumbai.

Aiming to Create a New Korea-Japan Relationship

Kota Yamanaka (dispatched to Seoul, Korea)

Since I hope to contribute to the development of both Japan and Korea, I organized job seminars for Korean students who are seeking jobs in Japanese companies while aiming to solve Korea's job shortage problem. I also arranged networking events jointly sponsored with the KOREA-JAPAN New Future Project (officially recognized by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs) in order to establish a new era of Japan-Korea relations beginning with young generations by exceeding the framework of finding a job. I would like to continue activities for improving relationships between the two countries which are quite close in business, culture, and education.

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