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The Nomura Charitable Trust

Company Number: 6955383 Charity Number: 1130592 RSIN number: 8238.12.145

Aims of The Nomura Charitable Trust

In 2009, The Nomura Charitable Trust was established to support disadvantaged young people in the local communities in which we operate. The Trust was launched as a partnership between Nomura and Nomura employees across the region, with funds raised from unclaimed assets and generous employee donations. The Nomura Charitable Trust is focused on supporting organisations in the local communities in which we operate in the region. Organisations are funded by suggestions made by Nomura employees.

The Nomura Charitable trust was established to invest in future generations. The Trust does this by funding charities that open up new opportunities for disadvantaged young people living in poverty, deprivation and high risk situations.

The Trust is funded both by Nomura and its employees. To date the Trust has provided grants to 29 charities, supporting more than 52,000 young people across the region.

The Trust is employee led and built on employees' ideas. Not only are the supported charities recommended by Nomura employees, in addition each grant is closely linked to meaningful employee volunteering opportunities. When the Nomura Charitable Trust makes grants, the total contribution is not only financial.

The objects of the Nomura Charity (the "Objects") are to support and promote any purposes or objects in the United Kingdom or elsewhere in the world which are exclusively charitable in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

Grant Making Approach/main features of the policy plan

The Trust's grant giving programme intends to fund charities that focus on educational achievement, employability potential and aspirations of disadvantaged children and young people - defined as up to 19 year olds living in poverty, deprivation and high risk situations.

The grant making approach is underpinned by three strategic focus areas:

  • Educational attainment - Raising educational attainment through programmes that address topics such as literacy, numeracy and exclusion/truancy
  • Employability potential - Enhancing employability potential through programmes that improve hard/soft skills, financial literacy, entrepreneurship thinking and awareness of career opportunities
  • Aspirations - Raising aspirations through programmes that enhance self esteem, build social networks and inspire through arts and culture, sports and extra-curricular programmes.

Sums raised are used to fund the aims and objectives stated above. The costs relating to operations of The Nomura Charitable Trust are met fully by Nomura International PLC.

The Nomura Charitable Trust continues to review its grant making approach and policies to ensure its core aim of helping disadvantaged young people is met. We do not maintain a grants list as far forward as 2018 because under the existing grant process, funding requests are evaluated quarterly with awards made annually.

Trustees and remuneration policy

The Trustees of The Nomura Charitable Trust are responsible for deciding the charitable activities of the Trust. The Trustees currently consist of the following persons:

  1. Lewis O'Donald, Chairman
  2. Leila Gomes
  3. Maria Bentley
  4. Charles Pitts-Tucker

Trustees are not remunerated for any activities performed for The Nomura Charitable Trust. Trustees are entitled to reimbursement of reasonable expenses and fees for the attending of meetings.

What do we support

What have we supported

Annual Accounts

Click here (PDF 363KB) for The Nomura Charitable Trust recent annual accounts.


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