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Nomura Asset Management to Launch "Project BRIDGE" to Link Investors and Japanese Corporations

March 8, 2022

Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, March 8, 2022 - Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd. (NAM), the core company within the Investment Management Division of Nomura Group, today announced plans to launch “Project BRIDGE”, a new effort aimed at invigorating the Japanese equity and capital markets. The project is scheduled to start in fiscal year 2022.

The project aims to attract investors from around the world to the Japanese capital market by strengthening stewardship activities to improve the corporate value of Japanese companies and promoting the appeal of these companies to global investors.

NAM believes that Japanese corporations have the technological expertise and growth potential to compete with their peers globally. With the revision of the Corporate Governance Code and Stewardship Code, Japanese companies have also showed steady improvement in corporate governance. However, the presence of Japanese equities in overseas indices continues to decline, and their competitiveness and fundamental strengths remain undervalued.

Using its global network and investment strategies, NAM will provide investors around the world with ample investment opportunities by conveying the appeal of Japanese equities. In addition, NAM’s recently established Engagement Department will lead efforts to examine the business environment and strategies of investee companies and work to improve corporate value through constructive dialogue.

Through its engagement activities, NAM will work to bridge the gap between Japanese companies’ true potential and market valuations. In doing so, NAM hopes to connect global investors and Japanese companies, and enhance Japan’s role and presence as an international financial market.

By creating an investment chain1 alongside clients and investee companies, NAM aims to help clients build assets and contribute to a sustainable and prosperous society.

1 An investment chain is a cycle in which investee companies generate higher profits by improving value over the medium to long term, and the resulting increase in dividends and wages is ultimately returned to households.


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