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Nomura Announces Nomination of Members for Board of Directors

March 1, 2023

Nomura Holdings, Inc.

Tokyo, March 1, 2023 - Nomura Holdings, Inc. today announced that the Nomination Committee resolved to submit proposals concerning Director Nominees (except for Outside Director Nominees) to the annual meeting of shareholders to be held in June 2023 to appoint members to the company's Board of Directors.
Nomura Holdings will make a separate disclosure once Outside Director Nominees are resolved at the Nomination Committee which is scheduled to be convened at a later date.

Director Nominees (Except for Outside Director Nominees)

Nomura Holdings nominated a total of four directors (except for Outside Director Nominees). Of these four nominees, two have been nominated to serve as Non-Executive Directors, while the remaining two will serve concurrently as Executive Officers.

Koji Nagai Reappointment Chairman of the Board of Directors
Kentaro Okuda Reappointment Representative Executive Officer, President and Group CEO
Yutaka Nakajima New Appointment Due to be appointed Representative Executive Officer, Deputy President on April 1, 2023
Shoji Ogawa Reappointment


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