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Nomura Announces Senior Management Lineup

March 1, 2023

Nomura Holdings, Inc.

Tokyo, March 1, 2023 - Nomura Holdings, Inc. today announced a new senior management lineup effective April 1, 2023. The full list of senior managing directors and their respective responsibilities from April 1 is as shown below.

Senior Managing Directors

Name Responsibilities
Kentaro Okuda President and Group CEO
Yutaka Nakajima Deputy President (REO)
Toshiyasu Iiyama Deputy President, Chief of Staff
Tomoyuki Teraguchi Vice Chairman


Name Responsibilities
Go Sugiyama Head of Retail
Yuji Kurihara Business Management, NSC
Akihito Tobari Retail Transformation (RX) Management and Marketing, NSC
Michio Okazaki Planning, Products and Solutions Management, NSC
Toru Matsushita Wealth Management and Corporate Consulting, NSC
Yukihiko Ono Wealth Management and Corporate Consulting, NSC
Kenji Takeda High-Net-Worth Individuals and Branch Management, NSC
Hideharu Mihara Products, NSC
Masanori Kimura High-Net-Worth Individuals and Branch Management, NSC
Kenji Yamaga High-Net-Worth Individuals and Branch Management, NSC
Kazue Hirano DCS and Life Planning, NSC
Shinji Yamawaki Regional Financial Institutional and Public Sector Clients, Alliance, Business Development/IPO (Joint), NSC
Emiko Iizuka Regional Financial Institutional and Public Sector Clients, Portfolio Advisory, NSC
Naohiro Mae Retail Strategy, NSC
Takuya Yamaguchi Solutions, NSC


Name Responsibilities
Christopher Willcox Head of Wholesale (based in New York)
Global Markets Rig Karkhanis Head of Global Markets (based in London)
Susumu Usui Co-Head of Global Execution Services, NIHK
John Goff Head of Global Markets EMEA, NIP
Simon Yates Global Head of Equity Trading and International Head of Equities, NSI
Richard Volpe Global Head of Rates, NSI
Ravi Raju Head of International Wealth Management, NSL
Gordon Sweely Global Head of Securitized Products, NSI
Tetsuya Hiraoka Japan Head of Global Markets, NSC
Hideki Sakata Global Markets, NSC
Masafumi Nakaguchi Global Markets Fixed Income, NSC
Tetsuhiro Nishi Global Markets Head of Japan Equities, NSC
Shinichiro Eguchi Global Markets Equities, NSC
Investment Banking Masahiro Goto Global Head of Investment Banking
Jeffrey McDermott Global Co-Head of Investment Banking, NSI
Tsutomu Takemura Japan Head of Investment Banking, NSC
Takahiro Hayashi Corporate Finance, NSC
Daisuke Sasaki Corporate Finance, NSC
Hidekazu Kamisaku Corporate Finance and Business Development/IPO (Joint), NSC
Kei Nitta Corporate Finance, NSC
Kenichi Takehira Corporate Finance, NSC
Akira Kiyota Investment Banking Product, NSC
Tomohisa Murakami Investment Banking Product, NSC
Shinsuke Tsunoda Investment Banking Product, NSC
Shuichi Nishimura Corporate Finance, NSC

Investment Management

Name Responsibilities
Yoshihiro Namura Head of Investment Management
Yutaka Mogi Investment Management
Kazuya Kumegawa Investment Management
Toru Okuzawa Investment Management
Tsukasa Sato Investment Management (Deputy)

Content Company

Name Responsibilities
Chie Toriumi Head of Content Company, Group Sustainability and Financial Education
Hideo Kitano Content Company, NSC
Sustainability Yoshifumi Kishida Chief Sustainability Officer (CSuO) and Corporate Disclosures

Digital Company

Name Responsibilities
Hajime Ikeda Head of Digital Company and Retail Division Marketing
Kaoru Numata Digital Company and Retail Division Marketing


Name Responsibilities
Finance/IR Takumi Kitamura Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Investor Relations
Yuko Horiuchi Group Finance
Risk Management Sotaro Kato Chief Risk Officer (CRO) (based in New York)
Shohei Takahashi Group Risk Management
Compliance/ Legal Yosuke Inaida Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
Takako Mori General Counsel and Compliance
Shinichi Mizuno Compliance and General Services; Internal Control Supervisory Manager, NSC
Group Strategy Toru Otsuka Group Secretariat, Strategy and Regulatory Affairs
Masato Kono Group Secretariat and Regulatory Affairs
Hiroyuki Moriuchi Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
HR Yukiko Ozaki Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and Chief Health Officer (CHO)
Toshiya Yoshida Group HR Strategy & Talent Management
Corporate Communications Ross Rowbury Group Corporate Communications
Hiroshi Tanigaki Group Corporate Communications
Corporate Services Rikiya Nonomura Group Head of Corporate Services
IT Patrick Eltridge Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Akio Hori Group IT
Corporate and Others Jonathan Lewis Chief Transformation Officer (CTO), CEO of NEHS (based in London)
Hirotaka Hoshino Secretariat and 100th Anniversary Planning
Tomonao Yamamoto Operation Planning and Operations


Name Responsibilities
Shinichi Okada Banking

Strategic Business

Name Responsibilities
Steven Ashley Chairman of Laser Digital Holdings AG (based in London)

Regional Management

Name Responsibilities
Japan Kunishige Fukuyama Head of Osaka Branch Office, NSC
Hideki Oyama Head of Nagoya Branch Office, NSC
Overseas Satoshi Kawamura CEO and President of NHA, CEO and President of NSI (based in New York)
Daisuke Mototani Vice Chairman of NEHS (based in London)
Kenji Teshima Representative Director and CEO of NAPH, Head of China Committee (based in Hong Kong and Singapore)
Masao Hyonotani Executive Chairman of NHA and Executive Chairman of NSI (based in New York)
Vikas Sharma Executive Chairman for India, NFASI


Name Responsibilities
Mitsutaka Kitamura General Manager of NOI
Dongqing Sun Vice Chairperson of NOI

Internal Audit

Name Responsibilities
Aya Kawazoe Group Internal Audit

Key Appointment in International Operations

Nomura today also announced the following management appointment in its international operations. The appointment is subject to local internal and regulatory approvals.

Name Responsibilities
Katsuya Imanishi President of Nomura Bank Luxembourg S.A.
Junpei Kawamae President of Nomura Singapore Limited


Nomura is a global financial services group with an integrated network spanning over 30 countries and regions. By connecting markets East & West, Nomura services the needs of individuals, institutions, corporates and governments through its three business divisions: Retail, Investment Management, and Wholesale (Global Markets and Investment Banking). Founded in 1925, the firm is built on a tradition of disciplined entrepreneurship, serving clients with creative solutions and considered thought leadership. For further information about Nomura, visit www.nomura.com.

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