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Capital Participation in BOOSTRY by Japan Exchange Group and Signing of Agreement to Promote Security Token Business

March 30, 2023

Japan Exchange Group, Inc.

Nomura Holdings, Inc.

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

SBI Holdings, Inc.

Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (Director and Representative Executive Officer, Group CEO: Akira Kiyota, "JPX"), Nomura Holdings, Inc. (Representative Executive Officer, President and Group CEO: Kentaro Okuda, "Nomura"), Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (Chairman, President & CEO Shingo Konomoto, "NRI") and SBI Holdings, Inc. (Representative Director, Chairman, President & CEO: Yoshitaka Kitao, "SBI") today announced that they have agreed to transfer a portion of Nomura's shares in BOOSTRY, Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Toshinori Sasaki, "BOOSTRY") to JPX and have entered into a business alliance agreement regarding BOOSTRY's operation and business.

As a result of the share transfer, Nomura will own 51%, NRI 34%, SBI 10% and JPX 5% of BOOSTRY's shares.

1. Background and Purpose

The four companies aim to leverage their expertise, skills, personnel and other resources to promote digital asset related business and support the growth of security token markets.

BOOSTRY is leading the development of "ibet for Fin," the only decentralized finance platform in the country operated by a consortium (currently comprising 15 companies). The platform is used to issue security tokens for securitized products and corporate bonds. The ibet for Fin consortium adopts an operating system that cannot be monopolized by any specific company. Taking advantage of blockchain technology, it provides a network that allows each company to develop and add various services.

In collaboration with Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. and BOOSTRY, JPX and JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc. ("JPXI") have developed a scheme for a Digitally Tracked Green Bond, a bond-type security token ("digital bond") issued by JPX. Blockchain and other digital technologies are used in digital bonds to improve transparency and efficiency. They help address the lack of data transparency and data collection complexities associated with green investments, issues identified by both issuers and investors of green bonds.

Through the alliance, JPX and JPXI will further develop services in conjunction with the ibet for Fin consortium, taking advantage of the technologies and services that support trading, and will work with various companies to establish a new capital market scheme with the aim of developing the security token market.

2. Role of Each Company

Company Role
Nomura Nomura will promote BOOSTRY's digital asset related business by leveraging its knowledge and expertise as a financial services group to develop products and services with higher added value, and by providing these products and services to its clients.
NRI NRI will leverage its technology and development capabilities to promote BOOSTRY's digital asset related business.
SBI To promote BOOSTRY's digital asset related business, SBI will use its relationships with potential customers, sales capabilities and human resources of SBI Securities, etc., to assist with customer referrals and project development.
JPX As issuer of Japan's first wholesale-traded Digitally Tracked Green Bond, and provider of technology for green tracking hubs, respectively, JPX and JPXI will use digital technologies to develop sustainable finance in Japan.
BOOSTRY Boost your try.

Overview of BOOSTRY

1. Name BOOSTRY Co., Ltd.
2. Head Office 3 -9 -2 Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
3. Representative Toshinori Sasaki, President and CEO
4. Business Development and provision of platform for the exchange of rights in securities, etc. using blockchain technology (Consulting, provision of IT services, etc.)
5. Capital 2.35 billion yen (including capital reserves)
6. Established September 2, 2019
7. Shareholding Ratio Nomura 56%, NRI 34%, SBI 10%
8. URL https://boostry.co.jp/


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