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Other Consulting


Ex. 1 Consulting on due diligence

Ex.Advisory services on business succession and bidding. A: By carrying out the following examinations, confirmations and corrections, accurate feasibility assessment and calculation of business value are performed and a business evaluation report is created.
  1. Advice from a business and management perspective on structuring of business.
  2. Assessment of business value of target company.
  3. Analysis of business environment as precondition for business assessment.
  4. Simulation of income and expenditure related to target company after acquisition and advice on management policy.
  5. Analysis of synergistic effects.
  6. Formulation and analysis of measures for improvement of business operations.
  7. Advice on various measures for facilitating business.
  8. Measures to alleviate anxiety of tenants and other relevant persons.
  9. Advice on treatment of employees.
  10. Other items agreed as necessary.
Execution: I. Confirm and analyze detailed documents newly released by target company.
II. Conduct interviews and field surveys and any necessary market research.
B: DD content, such as financial affairs, real estate affairs and legal affairs, is coordinated and summarized to create a business evaluation report.
  • However, as regards the above, legal affairs, accounting, tax affairs and real estate affairs (appraisal, measures for use of underutilized real estate, building status surveys, cost estimates of repairs and renewals, soil surveys, etc.) are excluded.

Ex. 2 Consulting on urban development

Image: consulting on urban development

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