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Consulting on Startup (business or facility)


Nomura Healthcare helps you articulate your basic vision for the startup (business or facility) plan and continues to assist you throughout the project, from design to execution to the startup of your new business or facility.

Basic planning phase

Nomura Healthcare provides support for conducting market research and formulating the optimal architectural plan.

Image: basic planning phase Execution phase

Nomura Healthcare provides support for selection of contractors and conducts monitoring.

Image: execution phase * The consulting sequence does not always proceed in the order described above. The order of some services in the sequence may be switched, or processes may proceed simultaneously. Nomura Healthcare handles your case accordingly.

For nursing care business consulting on an issue, click on a link below.

Transfers to Third Parties Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Consulting on Startups (business or facility) Other Consulting

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