Accessibility Policy

August 31, 2016 update

Nomura Group strives to provide information and services in the most appropriate manner possible.

Nomura Group's website will be managed following the policy described below in order to provide more customers access to information and services. In addition, we have been doing our utmost to make our web content accessible and will enhance accessibility in the future.

Approach for enabling all users, including the elderly, impaired persons, and temporarily impaired persons, etc. equal access to information and services.
  1. Ensuring Accessibility

    In recent years, standards and legislation for web accessibility have been developed across the world as the Internet has become increasingly utilized by a broad range of individuals. Japan is no exception, as JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) were established in June 2004.
    In 2008, W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) updated the guideline. JIS was also updated by adopting the same success criteria in 2010. The W3C's guideline was approved as an ISO/IEC International Standard in 2012. In March 2016, JIS was updated to be identical with the ISO/IEC standard.
    Nomura Group will make every effort to ensure that more customers, including the elderly, impaired persons and temporarily impaired persons, will be able to easily access all Nomura Group websites.

  2. Diverse Users

    For instance, due to age, impairment or other circumstances, problems may occur, including: inability / difficulty seeing screen, inability / difficulty hearing sounds, difficulty operating or interacting with web content using mouse or keyboard, and difficulty in understanding contents.
    We will do our best to allow all customers equal ability to access the information and services provided on our websites.

  3. Flexible Access

    The circumstances under which customers access our websites have become increasingly diverse. Individuals now access our web sites through internet connections and various types of telecommunication devices including PCs, cell phones, smart phones, tablets, TVs, game terminals types and versions of browsers; assistive technologies (such as voice / Braille tools for Web contents, screen magnifier, and alternative means to mice and keyboards), etc.

  4. Our Web Accessibility Guidelines

    Nomura Group websites are designed using the following official guidelines in order to ensure and enhance accessibility.

    • JIS X 8341-3:2016
      (A JIS guideline designed for elderly and impaired persons, etc. Updated on March 22th, 2016 to be identical with "ISO/IEC 40500:2012".)
    • W3C WCAG 2.0
      (Web Content Accessibility Guideline by W3C, a standards body for Web technology.)
    • ISO/IEC 40500:2012
      (W3C "WCAG 2.0" was approved as an ISO/IEC international standard on October 15th, 2012.)

Conformance to JIS X 8341-3:2016


The initial scope will cover the primary web pages within the Nomura Holdings website ( This will be followed by the remaining pages until the whole site meets the target conformance level set out below.

Target Conformance Level

Compliance at Level AA
Note: The term "Compliance" in our "Accessibility Policy" is in accordance with "Guideline for JIS X 8341-3:2016 Conformance Levels - March 22th, 2016" (URI published by Web Accessibility Infrastructure Committee(WAIC) of Info-comunication Access Council in Japan.

Test Results on Primary Web Pages

Comments and Requests

All Nomura Group websites are designed so that all customers can access our websites. Please inform us if you experience any trouble using Nomura Group websites. We welcome your comments and requests and will use them to make improvements.

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