Nomura Group Privacy Policy

Nomura Group and all of its officers and employees will comply with the following basic policy as well as with all relevant laws and regulations and guidelines from supervising authorities.


  1. Information will be collected in a manner consistent with all relevant laws and regulations, and necessary measures will be taken to ensure that such personal information including Individual Number ("Personal Information, etc.") is correct and up-to-date.
  2. Personal information, etc. will not be used beyond the scope of the purpose of utilization. The individual number, in particular, will only be used in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Personal information, etc. Will not be disclosed to third parties without a consent from the individual, unless there are justifiable grounds, such as if a disclosure is required under laws and regulations.
  3. Thorough training will be provided to officers and employees in order to prevent the leakage or inappropriate use of Personal Information, etc. In addition, managers responsible for controls and inspections will be appointed and appropriate control systems will be established.
  4. In the event that personal information, etc. Is provided to an external contractor, the applicable group company will take responsibility for ensuring that said external contractor has proper systems in place to protect the privacy of such personal information, etc.
  5. Concerning personal information, etc., disclosure, correction, and termination of usage shall be carried out upon request from an individual, in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations.
  6. Each Nomura Group company will establish a contact for inquiries and continuously review and make improvements as necessary to the management system of Personal Information, etc.