Only One Earth: Top 20 Photos from Nomura’s Global Photo Contest

We have “Only One Earth.” That was the message for World Environment Day 2022, echoing the theme of the Stockholm Conference held 50 years ago when the day was launched on June 5, 1972. Only One Earth is a call for global collective action to celebrate, protect and restore our planet, and a reminder that this is our only home and we must take care of it.

To mark World Environment Day this year, Nomura held a photo contest to encourage our employees across the globe to connect with nature and think about the importance of living sustainably and in harmony with nature.

Our employees captured hundreds of breathtaking scenes from countries across the world - from lakes and waterfalls to snow-covered mountains and beautiful sunsets. Take a look at the photos voted in the top 20 by our employees globally!

Winning Photos

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  • Photo by Akira Shimizu
  • Photo by Amy Chang
  • Photo by Betsy Reynolds
  • Photo by Bhutanhead
  • Photo by Helena Cheng
  • Photo by Junichiro Shibahara
  • Photo by Junko Hosoi
  • Photo by Kana Hidaka
  • Photo by Mildred
  • Photo by Morgane Sasaki
  • Photo by Pum
  • Photo by Richard Cunningham
  • Photo by Shui Yee Leung
  • Photo by Vishal Takale
  • Photo by Wallace Wong
  • Photo by Wendy Cho
  • Photo by Yoshitaka Itani
  • Photo by Yoshiyuki Nishinaka
  • Photo by Yuko Ishihara
  • Photo by Yuko Takao

Over the coming weeks, we will also be showcasing more photos on our global website and social media channels.

Part of protecting our environment on earth is preserving the space environment. Read this article on how we can help create a sustainable world from space.

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