Talent Management

Fundamental Approach

Nomura Group strives for sustainable growth and increased corporate value through the resolution of social issues. Achieving this goal requires strategic growth investments that result in an improved return on equity (ROE). Our talent (human capital) plays a critical role in this endeavor - as a group of skilled professionals, we aim to purse optimal solutions to social issues and create maximum added value while maintaining a high level of employee engagement with the organization, creating new value, and continuously enhancing productivity and risk management.

In addition, our objective is to further enhance our value by developing our talent management strategy over the long-term, which will improve employee engagement, and by encouraging our people to create unique intellectual capital* as a team.

Our talent management strategy is grounded in our corporate philosophy, "Entrepreneurial Leadership," "Teamwork," and "Integrity." We aim to differentiate our talent management cycle - recruitment, development, evaluation, and placement - and to enhance DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), employee workstyles, and well-being.

Our intellectual capital refers to the intangibles that are the source of our competitiveness, including organizational capabilities, know-how, our client network, and branding.


At Nomura Group, our people are our greatest asset and we place priority on hiring exceptional talent. We focus on the capabilities of each individual candidate without regard to nationality, race, gender or other such attribute, and our hiring decisions reflect the diversity of the financial services business. We provide candidates with a sound understanding of our businesses and what to expect when working with us. We value the current abilities as well as the potential of each candidate. By placing the right people in the right roles, we ensure that people from diverse backgrounds can maximize their potential and thrive at Nomura.

The following are some of the opportunities we offer at Nomura in Japan.

Early Careers

Division-Specific Recruitment

In Japan's domestic graduate recruitment, we offer "division-specific recruitment" that clearly indicates the businesses and responsibilities to which an employee will belong upon joining. We have a variety of application courses such as "General Career Type Open Course" for those who will be assigned to Wealth Management Division and "General Career Type Investment Banking Course" for those who will be assigned to Investment Banking, each tailored to their respective expertise. We offer support for the individuals to autonomously build their careers, acquire higher expertise, and contribute back to society. Additionally, we have "General Career Type Area Course" which entails no transfer involving relocation as a principle, providing an environment where diverse working styles can be achieved and various talents can thrive.

Internship and Work Experience Programs

We offer a variety of work experience programs where students can gain experience in various areas of our businesses. These programs include 5-day internships to experience actual job duties, as well as 1-day workshops to learn about the financial service industry and job roles. With plenty of program schedules and contents to choose from, we provide opportunities for many job seekers to deepen their knowledge of our businesses.

Nomura Passport.

Nomura Passport is an employment program introduced in 2018 for students pursuing doctoral degrees in the fields of science and technology. Selected students are offered positions at the firm and given the option to accept the offer after they have attained their doctoral degrees. In addition, students are not obliged to work at Nomura after completing their studies. Through this program, we are working to attract people with expertise in such areas as AI development, data science and digitalization.


We are committed to recruiting professional talents with advanced expertise and experiences in their respective fields. The number of experienced professional (mid-career) hires has been increasing year by year, and in recent years, it has exceeded the number of new graduate hires. In addition, in January 2023, we established an official alumni network. We consider our former employees as human capital who can create value on Nomura's business platform utilizing the knowledge they acquired from other companies, and we aim to utilize this alumni network to build long-term and positive relationships with them.

Nomura also focuses on hiring and developing local employees in overseas offices. For further details, please refer to the Careers page.

Basic Policy of Talent Development

In order to achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value through the resolution of social issues, we are committed to developing our talent so that each one of us can create added value as a professional who pursues optimal solutions to social issues, improves productivity, creates new value, and enhances risk management.

Training Programs

We have offerings targeted at all our global, group employees.

In Japan, in addition to trainings for new employees at different levels (corporate titles), such as induction program and manager training, self-selected trainings to employees in order to develop employees' own needs and advanced expertise from the perspective of career autonomy. In addition, we offer trainings for those selected based on their performance and potential, which include leadership development programs aimed at developing the next generation of leaders, such as "Keiei-juku", and programs to support the development of female executives. Furthermore, we actively cooperate with external NGOs and educational organizations to encourage employees to develop their skills, including support for participation in public education programs by external educational organizations and NGOs, implementation of multiple self-improvement programs by external instructors, and joint development of training programs with external educational vendors.

Since 1971, Instructors have been appointed to serve for one year to guide and train new hires and help develop into independent-minded professional talent (133 instructors were appointed in FY 2022). We also provide the instructors with a training to develop their skills and knowledge in spring and autumn to support the growth of the new hires, as well as programs to develop their leadership. Training new hires provided by instructors leads to improved business engagement and productivity among young employees.

As for the expertise, skills, and knowledge required by divisions and departments, training programs* are provided on a divisional basis as a measure to develop professional talent globally (outside Japan) and in each division.

New Generation Talent Development Programs (Japan)

The following three self-application and selection-oriented training programs are offered to junior / mid-career employees with the aim of raising the level of future management candidates.

Study Abroad Program - over the past 60 years, more than 600 employees have studied at 20+ business schools and law schools (mainly in the UK and the US).

Venture Secondment Program -this program gives employees a secondment opportunity to work at growing venture companies in different industries for about one year. They engage in business development (sales, planning, marketing, etc.) and contribute to the growth of the host companies as their employees while developing their skills and knowledge.)

NNG: Nomura New Generation Development Program - this is a cross-border learning program with the theme of "creating talent to achieve sustainable growth of the society." It is focused on social issues such as the realization of a sustainable society and the development of local communities, and the program participants leave their day-to-day work, engage in various activities, and gain new insights.

Target Talent Development Programs (Global)

We nurture the successors of senior managements in Japan and overseas, by dispatching them to executive programs run by external educational institutions such as Nomura Management School and overseas business schools, and by holding an in-house management program "Keiei-juku".

Nomura Keiei-juku - a flagship program of our executive leadership development: Employees selected from the entire Nomura Group participate in this program. The participants have opportunities to have discussions with senior executives to experience their perspectives and to deepen their own vision, self-awareness, and determination as candidates of future management. More than 50 employees have participated in this program since FY 2019.

Self-Improvement Programs (Japan)

Language 1on1 sessions, group sessions, and e-learning courses are available, and our employees can choose a course that best suits their needs to improve their language skills and professional skills.
Certificate Our employees can also make the most of our certification support programs to prepare for certification exams such as CFP, Securities Analyst Certification, Bookkeeping certification, Real Estate broker, DC planner, and CFA etc. to become more professional and better serve to our clients.
NBA* Portal NBA Portal is a learning platform which gives our employees an opportunity to improve their skills and take the lead in their career development. They can select a course that best aligns with their goals from correspondence courses, e-learning, seminars and language schools. It has about 200 correspondence courses and e-learning combined.
NBA* Classroom NBA Classroom provides a wide range of learning opportunities tailored to individual needs. It allows our employees to study in areas where they need improvement, including thinking skills, communication skills, and other essential business skills.

NBA: Nomura Business Academy

Professional Talent Development Measures by Region / Division (Examples)

Digital IQ (A Digital Training Program That Has Been Rolled Out Globally) We understand that the level of digital skills and knowledge can have an impact on global financial institutions and our competitiveness. "Digital IQ" is targeted at all our global, group employees with an aim of equipping them with digital skills and knowledge.
"HNWIs Sales Partner Skill Up Program" in Wealth Management Division This training program supports employees in developing their knowledge and skills related to real estate, loans, and solutions for business succession, etc. as sales partners of HNWIs
"Global Analyst Program" in Wholesale Division New graduates who have received trainings in various regions meet and connect with each other in New York. This program is aimed at developing our talent who will play an important role globally.
"M&A University" in Wholesale Division Internal and external experts provide our junior employees with trainings and tools related to M&A practices.
"Global Finance Training Program" in Finance Division The expertise and digital skills required for Finance division are defined and stored in the system. Digital tool trainings offered by external instructors and finance expertise trainings by internal finance professionals. The progress is visualized and data-driven talent development is promoted.

Performance Management and Compensation

Nomura Group is establishing its status firmly as a globally competitive financial services group. To support this, we recognize that our people are our most valuable asset.

To properly evaluate performance and further the development of our talent, we have implemented an evaluation process for all employees in principle. At the beginning of each fiscal year, our employees set their goals that are aligned with their competencies and the Group's strategy. They have a Mid Year Review and Year End Review with their managers to have open discussions about their achievements and development areas. This performance management/ goal management approach ensures proper evaluation and pay-for-performance and drives self-development for all employees. Additionally, 360-degree feedback (supervisors, peers, and persons under their supervision) is conducted as a part of the principle of continuous performance management and development conversations throughout the year.

The Group has established its Compensation Policy for Group management and employees. This policy aims to promote the sustainable growth of the Group and continuing increases its shareholder value in the long term. It also has the objective of contributing to the value-added the Group can offer its customers and realize continued improvement in the Group's evaluation among its clients.

Compensation for Employees

Career Development

In the midst of increasing mobility of talent and diversification of work styles and lifestyles, we have moved away from our previous "company-led" approach to "self-directed career development" approach. Our internal mobility program has been updated to "Nomura Career," through which many employees have found new career paths across different departments and engage in their career development.

Furthermore, we have implemented initiatives on our talent management cycle such as placing talented employees to important positions and nurturing successors. In addition, we have developed unique in-house skill development programs. For example, we offer assessments and coaching opportunities to highly potential talent and leadership development programs to senior executive candidates.

We also offer career support programs for senior employees to help them to deepen their understanding about self and explore the possibilities of further career development, and provide the support system to challenge their next step.

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