Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | Group Companies in Japan

At the Nomura Group, Sustainability Committee holds its subcommittee etc. and issues regarding promoting DEI throughout the group are deliberated based on business strategy perspective. The committee is chaired by Group CEO, consisting of members of the executive management board, and deliberation contents are reported to the board of senior managing directors as needed.

DEI Working Group deliberates matters regarding diversity, equity and inclusion more closely, reviews initiatives in detail and actual condition at each workplace. The members of the committee consist of Executive Officers/Senior Managing Directors and heads of group companies and global regions. They work together, exchange opinions with the Nomura Securities Employee Union, and share initiatives among group companies to create an inclusive environment across the group.

Nomura Asset Management

Nomura Asset Management has been working to create a workplace where employees from various backgrounds feel empowered to fully realize their potential. We have set KPI targets to promote work style reforms including: (1) reduce long working hours; (2) encourage use of annual paid leave; and (3) promote flexible work styles. To promote active participation by women, we conduct training and discussion meetings in accordance with our action plan. We have also launched an internal working group to provide support specifically aimed at helping women advance at an asset management company.

Nomura Trust and Banking

In recognition of the firm's commitment to promoting active participation by women, in 2016 the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan awarded the highest level 3-star certification (L-boshi Certification) to Nomura Trust and Banking.

In 2014, we launched Woman in Nomura Trust & Banking (WIN-TB), an internal network that hosts events on such topics as childcare, elderly care, stress care and self-branding. The firm has held over 20 events. To help create an environment where employees can work more flexibly, we have also introduced a system that allows them to take annual leave in hourly units, as well as caregiver leave for people taking care of family.

Nomura Business Services

Nomura Business Services recognizes that respecting diversity is key to human resource development. We are working to foster a positive work environment for all employees, regardless of gender or age. To help women continue working, we have put various systems in place to support work-life balance, above and beyond legal requirements, and are committed to promoting more women to management positions. In addition, we have programs in place to train the next-generation of leaders, and will continue to encourage our male employees to take childcare leave.

We are making ongoing efforts to expand our family caregiver system and further promote health and productivity management. We will work to create an environment where all employees are able to demonstrate their capabilities and reach their full potential.

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