Diversity and Inclusion Powai

We think a more diverse workplace is a better workplace.

Our aim for Diversity and Inclusion at Nomura is simple - we want to harness the value of diversity to create a sustainable organization and drive performance, revenue, market share and profit.

We define diversity as all the ways in which people differ. These differences can be dimensions of identity such as gender, race, age as well as less visible dimensions such as class, education, sexual orientation, religion, social styles, thinking styles.

The value of diversity is reflected in our people, our clients and our shareholders.

To Our People

  • Optimized performance
  • Employee engagement
  • Attracting the best talent

To Our Shareholders

  • Diversified risk
  • Greater transparency and trust
  • Improved share price

To Our Clients

  • Creative solutions
  • Broad product range
  • Stronger relationships

Nomura is committed to fostering an inclusive work environment, where our people can and do realize their full potential. Our employee networks, our inclusive benefit plans and our workplace practices and policies are all designed to help us achieve the goal.

WIN Network

  • To engage, support and retain women through their career development at Nomura
  • To attract women who will contribute to the Firm's continued success
  • To partner with our internal and external stakeholders to enhance the image of the Firm
Employee Development

Our Employee development programs cater to the diverse needs of women employees depending on their career stage with an intent to develop women talent and leadership. This includes initiatives like Associate Women Development Program, Leadership Speaker Series and Mentoring Programs.

Employee Retention

At Nomura, we understand and recognize the importance of retention of our women employees. Their career needs form a key part of our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. One such initiative is Parental Transition programs conducted for women employees and their managers pre and post maternity.

Employee Recruitment

We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities and a sound working environment where people can, and do, perform at their best. Re-Ignite is a program to attract, evaluate and provide opportunities to a talent pool of women professionals aspiring to get back to the corporate world.

Employee Engagement

We work towards creating a work environment which is engaging, energizing and inspiring for our employees. This includes a series of events during the week of International Women’s Day and participation in Pinkathon, which is an international run only for women and the objective of the event is to encourage women’s health and fitness.

Life and Families Network

  • To promote a culture of good health, well-being and work-life balance and drive personal and professional growth
  • To connect members through networking
  • Raise awareness around key family, health, wellness and life-balance issues
Health and Wellbeing

We feel being valued, respected and supported by others has a positive impact on physical and psychological health of an employee and helps them cope with stress in an effective manner. Our initiatives focus on building awareness and skills to help this process. Expert talks, Health Camps and employee contests promoting fitness are a few initiatives organized by the network.


Many of our employees are parents and we try to provide them with support through employee friendly policies and programs which help them through transition into their parental role . Expert talks and Panels have been invited to interact with employees on various topics related to parenting.

Building Happier Families

We believe that our employees are successful at work because of the support and encouragement of their families. Our initiatives help our employees build and strengthen their relationships with their loved ones.

LGBT & Allies Network

The LGBT & Allies Network supports & encourages lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender professionals to perform to their utmost potential. It aims foster an inclusive and safe work environment where all employees and clients can be themselves and are valued based on their contributions, irrespective of their sexuality, gender identity or expression. The Network helps to:

  • Drive policy review and development encouraging best practices in the LGBT+ space
  • Build and raise awareness of LGBT+ issues through effective and impactful initiatives & events, and build inclusive teams regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression
  • Provide visibility for Nomura and its LGBT+ inclusion initiatives through meaningful partnerships, brand recognition and sponsorship of events
Awareness and Training

We raise awareness and appreciation of LGBT+ issues amongst our employees through different mediums like theatre performances, panel discussions and expert talks.

Impact on Larger Community

Our focus is not only to have an impact within Nomura but also to have a positive influence on society at large. We are associated with organizations like Diversity & Inclusion Asia Network, LGBT+, advocacy organizations (e.g. Humsafar Trust) and Pride Circle to actively advocate inclusive workplaces.

Policy Review and Development

Our focus is to drive policy review and development, encouraging best practices in the LGBT+ space. We work to develop LGBT+ inclusive policies and benefits e.g. Equal Opportunity Policy, Partner Benefits etc.