Promoting Sustainability

Our Sustainability Committee is a management-level decision-making entity that plays an integral role in Nomura Group’s sustainable growth strategy and our aim to contribute to resolution of social issues.

Nomura implements sustainability initiatives in collaboration with Group offices and companies in Japan, Asia ex-Japan, EMEA, and the Americas. We conduct appropriate disclosure of our various initiatives through the Nomura Report and our website with the aim of raising our Group’s corporate value.


sustainability Committee receives approval from Board of Directors and Executive Management Board as well as receive approval from Corporate Citizenship Department who works in close collaboration with Japan, EMEA, Americas and AEJ offices.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is chaired by our Group CEO and comprises the same members as the Executive Management Board. The Committee is positioned within the Executive Management Board, the highest decision-making body at the executive level, enabling strategic implementation of our ESG and sustainability initiatives. In order to create a framework for swift decision making on matters of sustainability, five subcommittees are established under the Sustainability Committee - Wholesale Sustainability Forum, Climate Risk and ESG Working Group, TCFD Working Group, Environmental Activities Working Group and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Working Group.
The Sustainability Committee is further supported by a Sustainability Council, which has senior leaders including the Division Heads, overseeing the group sustainability initiatives.

Nomura Group executives in charge of businesses and corporate affairs make up the Sustainability Committee. The Committee is responsible for developing business policies on sustainability-related risks and opportunities for the entire Nomura Group and approving and deciding on related activities. The activities of the Sustainability Committee are reported to the Board of Directors and the Executive Management Board as the occasion demands.

The Committee also examines the operations of specific businesses that contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. Nomura Group requires the Sustainability Committee to hold two or more meetings each fiscal year. By holding meetings jointly with the Executive Management Board, which has the same chairman and members as the Sustainability Committee, a more flexible management system is in place to facilitate strategic decisions.

Sustainability Committee Members

Chairperson Kentaro Okuda Representative Executive Officer, President and Group CEO
Vice Chairperson Tomoyuki Teraguchi Representative Executive Officer, Deputy President
Toshiyasu Iiyama Executive Officer, Public Policy and Regulatory Engagement, Head of China Committee and Chief Health Officer (CHO)
Takumi Kitamura Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Investor Relations
Sotaro Kato Executive Officer, Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
Yosuke Inaida Executive Officer, Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
Toru Otsuka Executive Officer, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
Christopher Willcox Executive Officer, Head of Wholesale
Michio Okazaki Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
Go Sugiyama Head of Retail
Yoshihiro Namura Head of Investment Management
Chie Toriumi Head of Content Company, Group Sustainability Officer and Financial Education
Hajime Ikeda Head of Digital Company and Retail Division Marketing
Satoshi Kawamura CEO and President of Nomura Holding America Inc., CEO and President of Nomura Securities International, Inc.
Jonathan Lewis Chief Transformation Officer (CTO), CEO of Nomura Europe Holdings plc
Kenji Teshima Representative Director and President of Nomura Asia Pacific Holdings Co., Ltd. and Leading Deputy Head of China Committee
Auditor Shoji Ogawa Director, Member of the Audit Committee and Board Risk Committee

Management Status of the Committee

Number of Meetings 6 (from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022)
  • Matters concerning Sustainability initiatives and information disclosure
  • Matters concerning fundamental Sustainability policy
  • ESG risks and opportunities
  • Important Nomura Group management Issues (materiality)
  • Matters concerning TCFD and climate change
  • Participation in initiatives
  • Matters concerning social contribution activity
Outline of Discussions
  • Revision of important Nomura Group management issues (materiality)
  • Disclosure of TCFD report and PRB report
  • Commitment to align with the Paris Agreement
  • Commitment for net zero greenhouse gas emissions
  • Joining Net-Zero Banking Alliance
  • Setting sustainable financing target
  • Revision of Sustainability Statement (former ESG Statement)
  • Revision of Wholesale ESG Sectoral Appetite Statement
  • Drawing up of Social Contribution Activity Policy, etc.
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