A rich natural environment and healthy social environment are the foundations of economic and business advancement as well as people's lives. Without such foundations, it is impossible to fulfill Nomura Group’s social mission of helping to enrich society. We have been expanding our products and services, and globally expanding our businesses and bolstering our corporate governance based on the recognition that initiatives such as protecting the global environment and promoting the active participation of a diverse range of people are essential for advancing both economic activity and society as a whole.
In May 2020, Nomura Group announced a new management vision to "Achieve sustainable growth by helping solve social issues" ahead of the year 2025, the centennial anniversary of Nomura's founding. In addition to business growth, our management vision incorporates the ESG elements of trust from society and employee satisfaction.
Through partnership with a wide range of stakeholders, we will achieve sustainable growth and help solve social issues.

Material Issues

Since Nomura Group first identified CSR Materiality in 2008, we have conducted regular reviews based on trends in the international community and the expectations of stakeholders. Last year, we reformulated the Nomura Group Materiality that we should focus on in advancing our management vision for 2025, "Achieve sustainable growth by helping resolve social issues." We have reviewed and adjusted the Materiality based on changes in the business environment over the past year and developments in our business activities. We will continue to make every effort toward our targets by using metrics to monitor our progress.

The highest priority issues to address
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Targets and Progress (Excerpt)

Targets (Medium- to Long-Term Goals) Progress

Corporate governance

To enhancing corporate value, strengthen and enhance corporate governance structure as one of the most important issues

  • Promotion of diversity within the Board of Directors
ESG Data: Members of the board (Ratio of Outside Directors / Non-Japanese Directors / Female Directors)

Compliance and Business Ethics

Build trust with society and protect and enhance corporate value with thorough compliance and raising employee awareness of the Code of Conduct

  • Compliance with the Nomura Group Code of Conduct

Compliance [Fundamental Approach] [Legal compliance measures]

GRI Standards(3. Ethics and integrity)

Contributing to sound and sustainable capital markets

Through our core business, create a better future by addressing stakeholders' needs and providing value added solutions

  • Conduct customer satisfaction survey every year and improve our services based on clients' wishes in a bid to achieve highly satisfactory consultation
  • Increase the number of financial products and services that help resolve social issues and promote approach to the SDGs
  • Provide financial and economics education programs to people of all ages and help them with the steady accumulation of assets

ESG Data: Results of customer satisfaction surveys at branch offices

ESG Data: Sustainable Finance

ESG Data: Participants and materials in financial and economics education

Human resources

Diverse and talented employees are our greatest asset amid the changes in the environment, such as innovation and digitalization. Make sure every employee can be active and successful in utilizing her/his capabilities and strengths, and provide high value-added services

  • Have 20% of female representatives in managers, 10% in branch/department managers by 2025 (Nomura Securities)
  • Periodically conduct surveys of all Group employees, monitor the status and make improvements

ESG Data: Composition of managers

Result of Nomura Group employee survey

Contributing to sustainable environment

A healthy global environment is the foundation not only for the economy and society, but also for our sustainable growth.

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    - FY 2030: Reduce CO2 emissions by 32% or more from FY2012/13
    - FY 2050: Reduce CO2 emissions by 65% or more from FY2012/13
  • Expand the use of green energy

Medium/Long-term CO2 Emission Reduction Target

Green power purchasing volume

Contributing to sustainable society

Contribute to finding solutions to social and environmental issues through continuous cooperation with stakeholders

  • Working with all stakeholders to contribute to the creation of sustainable local communities
  • Actively engage in social contribution activities and promote and improve Group-wide social contribution activities by regularly checking and evaluating the status of each activity
  • Based on the common theme of "For Future Generations," we will contribute to the achievement of SDGs by engaging in activities, centered on developing future leaders through partnerships

Our Stakeholders

Community contribution (cash donation, time spent, in-kind donations etc.)

Annual reports on CSR activities in India

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