Nomura Holds Second Speaker Event to Support Revival Efforts: Current Situation in Fukushima

Photo: scene at the second speaker event to support revival efforts

On February 27, Nomura held the second speaker event in a series of panel discussions to support the revival of areas affected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and to consider how we can solve the problems these areas face.

During the event, the audience heard about Nomura's agreement with Fukushima University. Three guest speakers who cooperated in the joint project were invited from Fukushima and talked about the current situation in Fukushima.

"When I felt the powerful quake I took my grandmother, who has dementia, in my arms and carried her outside in a snowstorm as the aftershocks hit," said one of the participants.

Another Fukushima resident at the time of the earthquake said: "After the earthquake, I decided to leave Yamagata city with my children because my three daughters had dark shadows under their eyes, sore throats, and nosebleeds."

Speaking of the stigma attached to the Fukushima name, another participant note: "I want you all to know that vegetables grown in Fukushima are safe because we have the strictest inspections for radiation in the Tohoku area."

Photo: Mr. Kenta Sato
Photo: Ms. Miki Nakamura
Photo: Ms. Yoshimi Huda

Panel Discussion

Panelists(pictures from left)

  • Mr. Kenta Sato, forced to evacuated to Fukushima city from Iitate village.
  • Ms. Miki Nakamura, voluntarily evacuated to Yamagata city with her children from Koriyama city.
  • Ms. Yoshimi Huda, from Fukushima city and living there.

The three guests are currently working disseminate information about Fukushima on the internet, setting up a place for evacuees to communicate each other and so on. There was a lively exchange of questions and answers during the panel discussion which included a discussion of what kind of support we can offer to those in need.

Employees from Fukushima branch also participated in the event and discussed regional contribution the leverages the strengths of Nomura.

Community Action Groups:

Yamagata Hinanshya Hahanokai (Only available in Japanese)

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