Nomura Holds Third Speaker Event to Support Revival Efforts: Communicating the Current State of Fukushima

On June 18, Nomura held the third speaker event in a series of panel discussions to support the revival of areas affected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and to consider how we can solve the problems these areas face.

Photo: Mr. Toshiyuki Takeuchi, Director of Fukushima Office in JANIC

Mr. Toshiyuki Takeuchi,
Director of Fukushima Office in JANIC

Photo: scene at the session

Representatives of Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC), which operates a portal site connecting Fukushima and the world, were invited as the guests to the event following the discussion at the last event on the importance of communicating the situation in Fukushima. More than 30 Nomura employees have applied for Japanese-English volunteer translator positions for JANIC.

Mr. Toshiyuki Takeuchi, Director of JANIC's Fukushima Office, talked about their activities such as matching community-based organizations in Fukushima and donors abroad, support for local agribusiness and making policy proposals with Fukushima University. Participants listened closely to Mr. Takeuchi's words, particularly when he mentioned how we have a role to pass on the experience of Fukushima to the world.

Photo: brochure

He also expressed his thanks to Nomura employees for their help with translation.

Second Speaker Event on February 27

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