Nomura Collaborates with Panasonic on Summer Events for School Children

The Nomura Group held summer events for school children in collaboration with Panasonic for the first time on August 20, 2013. Nomura conducted a financial and economic program about foreign exchange and the Panasonic event was related to the environment in which the children made a cardboard hybrid car.

About 80 people (40 children and 40 parents) in total from Nomura and Panasonic participated in both programs. Commenting on the foreign exchange session, one of the children said: "I want to learn more what makes the yen stronger or weaker." Speaking about the hybrid car, another participant said: "I was glad my car had a successful test run." The parents also enjoyed the events with one commenting: "It was a great event to help children learn about both money and environment at the same time."

Making a Cardboard "hybrid car"

Photo: making a cardboard "hybrid car"

"Manabou Classroom"

Photo: "Manabou Classroom"
Photo: group photo
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