Nomura Holds Corporate Citizenship Speaker Event: Leveraging Your Skills to Contribute to Society

On December 3, Nomura held a speaker event entitled "Leveraging your skills to contribute to society."

Nomura has been hosting a series of panel discussions to support the revival of areas affected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami since last year. At this event, we focused on "skilled volunteering and pro bono work" to look at a wider range of CSR activities. The program included presentations by guest speakers followed by a panel discussion.

Mr. Mangyo Kinoshita, Partner Lawyer at White & Case LLP, who specializes in M&A and finance, spoke about his first encounter with pro bono and various pro bono work he has engaged in by using 5 percent of his working hours.

Mr. Daichi Konuma, Co-Founder and CEO of Cross Fields, described an international corporate volunteering program for Japanese corporate employees to address social issues in developing countries using Panasonic and other companies as examples.

Representatives of the CSR Department at Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. described an Employee Dispatch Pro Bono Program that will dispatch employees to help support organizations working on the reconstruction efforts in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake as well as social contribution initiatives by financial services firms.

Mr. Mangyo Kinoshita, Partner Lawyer at White & Case LLP

Mr. Daichi Konuma, Co-Founder and CEO of Cross Fields

At the end of the panel discussion, Nomura employees who have attend internal and external volunteer programs shared their thoughts about CSR activities. Participants were able to think about how they can contribute to society as a company as well as individually.

Comments from participating employees included: "I learnt that our skills as a corporate citizen are useful to society," "It was a great opportunity to rethink my daily business and actions in the future," "I would like to attend internal and external volunteer programs proactively," "Social contribution initiatives should be incorporated into company training programs as they help human resource development," "I believe that support from management is necessary to promote these initiatives."

Scene at the panel discussion

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