Nomura Securities Awarded Gan- Ally-Bu Gold Award

Nomura Securities was awarded Gold in the first Gan- Ally-Bu Awards, a non-governmental project organized by Gan-Ally-Bu. The Gan Ally Declaration and Award recognizes companies that have demonstrated a commitment to creating a workplace and society where people battling cancer can work while undergoing treatment. Gan means cancer in Japanese.

We expressed this commitment by officially declaring Nomura as an ally to people with cancer, and a company where our people can balance work and treatment. Nomura was also evaluated on specific initiatives.

Twelve companies received Gold, five companies received Silver, and three companies were awarded Bronze.

Nomura Securities' Initiatives

Nomura Securities will continue working to create an environment where employees can work while fighting cancer. We are committed to further building upon the initiatives currently in place, as well as to leverage various internal channels to help our people gain an accurate understanding of cancer and what action to take if diagnosed with the illness

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