Urgent Humanitarian Assistance through Partnerships with NGOs

Japan Platform (JPF) was formed in 2000 to provide a new framework for humanitarian assistance by linking NGOs in Japan with political and business circles. Today, JPF is undertaking humanitarian assistance activities in the international community in cooperation with various institutions, including the United Nations. Nomura Group has been working in collaboration with JPF since its establishment and offering humanitarian aid.

Nobuyuki Koga, Chairman of the
Board of Directors of Nomura Holdings, Inc.,
delivers a greeting at the 15th anniversary
of the establishment of JPF

In January 2016, a symposium was held to mark the 15th anniversary of the establishment of JPF. While Nobuyuki Koga, Chairman of of the Board of Directors of Nomura Holdings, Inc., gave a speech as a representative of the business community, reviewing JPF's accomplishments from its founding to the present day. He noted that JPF's cooperative framework, linking NGOs with political and business circles, is functioning effectively and fostering cooperation toward the goal of implementing timely and effective humanitarian assistance. He shared his perspectives on the significance of JPF and his expectations for JPF's future, noting that JPF's activities have enhanced Japan's presence on the international stage as a nation offering humanitarian support and have led to the formation of stronger relationships of trust between NGOs and corporations.

Nomura Group sees NGOs as important stakeholders. Accordingly, Nomura will continue to work closely with NGOs and other stakeholders as it pushes ahead with its corporate citizenship activities.

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