Sustainable Finance

Nomura Group provides financial services that contribute to the creation of a sustainable society under the management vision of “Achieve sustainable growth by solving social issues.” Nomura will continue to promote initiatives to achieve the SDGs and contribute to economic and sustainable social development, while contributing to the growth of sustainable financial market.

Nomura's Role in Sustainable Finance

image: Sustainable Finance
image: Sustainable Finance
Nomura Group companies will continue to work together across the board with their respective expertise to maximize the collective strengths of the Group to meet the needs of investors and clients and realize a sustainable society.

photo: Satoshi Arai Head of Retail

We are committed to responsible business and to fulfilling our mission to contribute to the creation of an affluent society through our expertise in the capital markets.
We will continue to support the medium- to long-term asset building goals of our clients by offering a broad range of products and services tailored to their needs. We will help improve Financial Literacy through our ongoing education programs, as well as promoting ESG investment. In addition to implementing ESG initiatives to contribute to the sustainability goals, we will work to build a sustainable society through the provision of risk money.

Satoshi Arai
Head of Retail

photo: JSteven Ashley Head of Wholesale

We must build our expertise and product capabilities so that clients look to Nomura as a natural provider of sustainable solutions. We must ensure that all our business activities positively contribute to society’s goals.

Steven Ashley
Head of Wholesale

photo: Yoshihiro Namura Head of Investment Management

We deliver solutions and services to meet the diversified needs of our clients, from traditional assets to alternative assets such as private equity, as well as offering a broad range of investment opportunities. We are committed to the realization of a more sustainable world and affluent society, and we believe that ESG investment offers an effective way to achieve this.
Through our investment management business, we will continue to respond to the expectations of investors by working to achieve a balance between economic and social returns.

Yoshihiro Namura
Head of Investment Management

Our Focus

Advisory and Financing

With the aim of realizing a sustainable society, we help clients with their needs, including green bonds and other types of financing and financial solutions.

Sustainable Products and Solutions

Through the development and provision of sustainability-related products, we provide our customers with a wide range of choices, and contribute to solving social issues and developing financial and capital markets.

Responsible Investment

As a responsible institutional investor, we aim to realize a sustainable and prosperous society by helping clients build wealth.

Sustainability Research

We are advancing research in the field of sustainability, and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through financial and capital markets.

Special Feature

image: The Post-Coronavirus World and the New SDG Era

The Post-Coronavirus World and the New SDG Era

As recognition of the SDGs increases, the issuance amount of SDG bonds comprising green bonds, social bonds, and sustainability bonds, which aim to tackle environmental and social issues, has been continuously increasing. Nomura Group is providing the market with a wide range of information in order to encourage demand for funds among companies seeking to solve challenges and connect them with investors aiming to contribute to society through investment.

image: Advancing Nomura's Sustainability Research

Advancing Nomura's Sustainability Research

The Nomura Research Center of Sustainability was established in order to advance research on sustainability and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through the financial and capital markets. In this feature, we introduce Nomura Group’s aims behind the establishment of the center, as well as some comments from a few of the center’s external advisors.

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