Financial Literacy

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Increasing financial literacy leads not only to enhanced asset formation and improved living standards, but also contributes to the healthy development of capital markets and the proper circulation of capital. Nomura Group has been providing financial and economics education to different generations of people, so as to raise individuals' knowledge and understanding of finance and economics.
Nomura Group will continue to proactively endeavor to improve financial literacy and contribute to the "from savings to asset formation through investment" trend in Japan. The smooth circulation of money, which is said to be the lifeblood of society, is essential for the achievement of all of the SDGs, and a correct understanding of finance and the economy is also the foundation for achieving all of the SDGs. To achieve the SDGs, Nomura Group will continue to teach people about the role and value of money in society, and offer financial and economics education to help people lead independent lives.

Financial Literacy for a Wide Range of People

Nomura Group was among the first companies in Japan to provide financial and economics education to young people who will be the leaders of the future. In 2001, we began offering courses for university students, and today more than 400 employees from our branches throughout Japan provide lectures.

We also provide employees of private companies and government employees with opportunities to enhance their financial literacy, including life planning seminars and workshops on defined contribution pension plans for individuals. In November 2018, we launched the "Nomura Financial Academy," a tuition-based program open to the general public that helps participants systematically learn about life planning, asset management, and other aspects of personal finance which they can put in to practice in their own lives. Starting in FY2020/21, classes are available online, and students can select the courses they want to take from among all of the offered classes, which are designed for different age groups and purposes.

Financial Education

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