About Our Founder Tokushichi Nomura | 7. Investigative Reporter Hired to Head Research Department

Kisaku Hashimoto

It was also in 1906 that Shinnosuke initiated a development in the company which was completely original and of great significance: he established an in-house research department. He was confident that he had the right people to conduct the research, for he had been very careful to select high-quality staff. In addition, Nomura began publication of a newsletter, the Osaka Nomura Business News, a daily that was widely distributed. The newsletter contained information on the previous day's trading, analyses of particular stocks, and articles on current economics trends. It was a service which no other broker of the time had ever considered, and, especially as it was undertaken by a house as yet not counted among the majors, it attracted a great deal of attention within financial circles. Shinnosuke had demonstrated not only his foresight, his capacity to innovate and his refusal to take advantage of the ignorance of unsophisticated investors, he had also shown a flair for publicity. Throughout the history of Nomura, these themes have remained constant, providing the basis for the company's progress and success.

Shinnosuke was also a master at the implementation of policy.
To head his research department, he hired an investigative professional, Kisaku Hashimoto, a university graduate and reporter on the Osaka Mainichi newspaper. Again, this was a move which made good business sense in more ways than one, for the comment it caused served to bring the name of Nomura to the fore in business circles.

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