Nomura Kagayaki Co., Ltd.

Company Outline

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President Yasuaki Tanaka
Address 2-2-1 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0061, Japan
Telephone 81 (0)3-6741-6340
(Only available in Japanese)
Capital 10 million yen

People with disabilities are increasingly seeking to join the workforce. Companies have a responsibility to not only provide employment opportunities for such people but also to help them build rewarding and satisfying careers.

Nomura is committed to empowering all employees to realize their full potential, regardless of circumstance. Nomura Kagayaki is dedicated to creating a workplace environment that enables people with disabilities to achieve their best.

The firm will work to ensure that people with disabilities are given opportunities to use their unique strengths, make necessary workplace adjustments to create a more inclusive environment, as well as hiring professionals to provide ongoing support.

To help foster a more inclusive society, Nomura will continue working to promote greater access to stable employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

On January 23, 2020, Nomura Kagayaki received authorization to become a special subsidiary of Nomura Holdings, Inc. in accordance with the Japanese law to promote employment of people with disabilities.

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