Business Continuity Management

In Nomura Group, natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, man-made disasters such as fires and terrorism, infectious diseases such as the COVID-19, system failures, and information asset leaks are considered as crisis events that must be prepared for. In order to respond to such an event, we have a comprehensive global business continuity framework and are working on a broad range of measures, including awareness raising activities for our employees.
Nomura Group has organized the Group Crisis Management Committee to continually strengthen the capability of the business continuity in Japan as well as outside of Japan. The Group Crisis Management Committee is chaired by a senior officer appointed by the Group CEO, and comprised of senior management from Group companies. Resolutions passed by the committee are reported to the Executive Management Board. In the event of a major disaster, the committee establishes a command center and takes appropriate measures to ensure the safety of employees and their families, control the spread of damage, and maintain business continuity arrangements.

Business Continuity Initiatives

1Strengthen the business continuity framework
Maintain backup offices / Secure emergency response personnel / Maintain emergency communication equipment / Enhance remote work capability
2Periodic drills and training
Employee safety confirmation drills / Drills based on Business Continuity Plan (BCP) / Response training based on Tokyo metropolitan earthquake scenario / Nankai Trough earthquake training
3Strengthen collaboration between Group companies in Japan and overseas
Enhance information-sharing with Group companies in Japan / Strengthen information-sharing framework with overseas Group companies
4Business Continuity Plan
Review and update the Business Continuity Plan based on wide area disasters such as earthquake in metropolitan area and large scale system failure

PDCA Cycle for Business Continuity in Normal Times

PDCA Cycle for Business Continuity in Normal Times

Responses in an Emergency

Responses in an Emergenc
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