Message from Regional Heads

Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.

By placing our clients at the center of everything we do, we are committed to providing solutions that best meet each client's individual requirements. Toshio Morita President of Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.

I was appointed President of Nomura Securities in April 2017. Over the past few years, the environment surrounding Japanese society and companies has been changing dramatically. Significant changes are also expected going forward, including further advances in globalization and technological evolution, as well as an increasingly aging population along with a declining birthrate. In speaking with clients, it has become abundantly clear to me that this environment has produced a wide range of worries and needs that they must address.

Over the years, Nomura has worked to develop a diverse range of services which enable us to help our clients with their various needs. We will continue to listen to and work closely with our clients, with the aim of providing them with the right solutions to address their needs and concerns.

To this end, we will make sure that our employees act in accordance with our underlying approach of "Placing clients at the heart of everything we do," and we must do everything in our power to ensure that clients put their faith in us and trust us. We will work as one to create a brighter future for our clients.


The Americas continues its commitment to clients and sustainable profitability. Kentaro Okuda Head of Americas

Nomura opened its first New York office in 1927. As we approach our 90th anniversary, we recognize the strength and resilience of our people in the Americas, a strategically important region to Nomura.

The Americas strives to establish and deepen relationships with our clients, and last year, we have realized the highest performance in the past five years.

Our Wholesale business is focused on diversifying revenues and improving cost efficiency.
We aim to further strengthen our Global Markets and Investment Banking businesses while investing in areas where Nomura has a competitive advantage.

Nomura Corporate Research and Asset Management (NCRAM) has experienced solid performance, and continues to on-board clients across the Americas and Europe, complementing Nomura's global franchise. We also continue to strengthen our alliance with American Century Investments.

The Americas recognizes the benefits of being a global firm and continues to work across borders and divisions to meet our clients' needs. Our management team remains committed to our clients and to meeting our long-term goals by achieving sustainable profitability.


Our focus is to support Nomura's global vision to connect markets East and West and to continue to improve EMEA's sustainable profitability. Jonathan Lewis Head of EMEA

Our key priorities in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) are aligned with Nomura's underlying approach to our international business. We continue to strengthen our global client franchise, focus on areas of competitive advantage and improve sustainable profitability.

EMEA is dedicated to serving a diverse range of important clients including institutional investors, financial institutions, corporates, financial sponsors and government entities. Partnering with other regions, the EMEA franchise helps reinforce Nomura's global vision of connecting markets east and west.

Within EMEA, we have a selective model focusing our regional business around core products and services where we can best serve our clients and deliver sustainable profitability. This fiscal year, we are also increasingly shifting our focus to future growth opportunities while continuing to adapt to changing client and competitor landscapes.

Our focus on clients and differentiated product offering provide us with a strong foundation to drive sustainable regional and international profitability.

Asia ex-Japan

Asia is Our Home Market. Vikas Sharma Head of Asia ex-Japan

This is a truly exciting time for Nomura in Asia. As an Asian house, we are extremely well positioned to tap into the region's rapid economic growth. Asia will contribute 30% of the world's GDP by 2020. And three Asian countries are expected to be in the top five economies by then. That strong growth will further deepen the financial markets and create massive wealth, boosting the size of the Wholesale, Retail and Wealth Management markets.

With a presence in 12 countries and regions in Asia ex-Japan, we offer a full-service platform consisting of Wholesale, Wealth Management and Retail. We see considerable upside for our local client franchise and we will further leverage our country network to deepen our penetration in Asia

We will continue to focus on better serving our clients, innovating and emphasizing our Asian roots, and extending our global reach. By connecting markets east and west, we will deliver the full capabilities of our global franchise from our home market of Asia.

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