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Fund Set-up Fund Manager and Investor Order Reception / Validation Custody Booking and Settlement / Treasury Fund Accounting NAV Calculation Reporting

Fund Set-up

Structuring team assists customers from launch of funds according to customer's needs. Service is tailored to customer's requirements and if you would like to discuss further on what we can do for you please contact us using the Feedback form.

Fund Manager and Investor Order Reception / Validation

Client Support Division have dedicated teams for supporting investment managers and investors from reception of daily orders to reporting.

We also have dedicated Japanese speaking teams to support investors, distributors, investment managers and promoters in Japan.

Custody Booking and Settlement / Treasury

NBL Custody covers a wide range of markets and products with 70 markets and products going from simple securities to sophisticated derivatives.

The bank delivers a full settlement service including all types of income and corporate action processing. It also offers securities lending and is developing collateral management service.

NBL Treasury is in charge of cash management, investment and provides full range of forex activities covering custody related as well as hedging type of transactions.

The bank also offers service for issuer of medium term note as calculation agent, issuing agent and payment agent. As well as providing global custody service for institutional clients.

In order to ensure smooth expansion of activity, NBL is constantly improving its "straight through processing" capabilities.

Fund Accounting NAV Calculation

Calculating nearly 100,000 net asset values per year with an accuracy rate significantly exceeding market standards, NBL's Fund Accounting division is a proven quality service provider for offshore Luxembourg and Cayman domiciled funds. The unit is staffed with competent professionals who ensure the highest quality levels and client satisfaction in a constantly changing environment.

The team offers solid business solutions for complex multi-tiered fund structures, including fund of hedge funds, fund of private equity funds and other derivative products. In showing dedication to an evolving global market, the Fund Accounting team is organised to calculate net asset values at many different valuation points, with staff coverage organised in shifts starting from eight in the morning until after midnight each day.

Industry regulatory requirements are closely monitored and timely implemented within the NBL organisation. The fund accounting unit ensures that accounting practices are in line with requirements and related reporting requirements are fulfilled.

The fund accounting unit attributes its above industry levels of NAV calculation accuracy to its dedication to excellence. This includes respect of processes and controls and the development of dedicated and knowledgeable staff. The management team is constantly reviewing and improving processes, ensuring the highest quality standards.


NBL offers a suite of reporting to investment managers and customers. NBL also offers a secure website for clients to download reports but of course the reports may be sent to our clients.

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