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Nomura Publishes First Report on UN Principles for Responsible Banking

November 18, 2021

Nomura Holdings, Inc.

Tokyo, November 18, 2021 - Nomura Holdings, Inc. today published its first United Nations' Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB) report highlighting a commitment to mitigate climate change and contribute to healthy and inclusive economies.

Nomura became a signatory to the UN Environment Programme's Principles for Responsible Banking framework in May 2020 setting it on a journey to measure and assess its business in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Signatories are required to conduct an analysis of their most significant impacts, set ambitious targets to address those impacts and be accountable for those targets through progress reporting.

Nomura Group's management vision is to “achieve sustainable growth by solving social issues” and it is therefore focussing its efforts on positively influencing the two broad areas of ‘Climate' and ‘Inclusive and Healthy Economies'.

"Nomura joined the Principles for Responsible Banking last year, and is pleased to have supported the development of the UN program for coverage of Banking activities," said Chie Toriumi, Senior Managing Director, and Head of Sustainability Development at Nomura. "With the publication today of our first PRB report, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to helping clients reach net zero while fostering economic growth and being accountable for meeting the ambitious targets we have set for ourselves."

1. Climate

In September, Nomura committed to net zero greenhouse gas emissions for its own operations by 2030 and for its lending and investment portfolios by 2050, aiming to limit global temperature increases to well below 2℃, and striving for 1.5℃, above pre-industrial levels in line with the Paris Agreement.

2. Inclusive and Healthy Economies

Nomura will achieve this goal by actively engaging in sustainable finance and creating a workplace where each and every employee can reach his or her full potential. Nomura set an ambitious goal to deploy $125 billion in sustainable financing by March 2026 to support clients on their decarbonization journey.

Nomura aims to increase the total number of participants taking financial education classes conducted by Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. in Japan to 1 million by 2026. This will improve financial literacy, increase the number of participants in capital markets, and further promote the circulation of funds in society. Over the last 20 years, 910,000 people have already benefited from the training.

As a final pillar in creating an inclusive economy, Nomura will further enhance ESG screening, for issues related to human rights and diversity and inclusion.

Taken together, Nomura’s commitments focus on five of the UN’s 17 SDGs: Quality Education, Affordable and Clean Energy, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Industry Innovation and Infrastructure, and Climate Action.
Nomura is actively committed to delivering financial services that drive sustainability and help enrich society by contributing to economic development.

Please refer to the link below to view our First Report on UN Principles for Responsible Banking:


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