Employees’ Children Have Fun Learning at Nomura’s Summer Kids Event

On August 5, we welcomed over 40 children of Nomura employees to our Otemachi headquarters for our annual Summer Kids Event. We were delighted to meet the kids and see their happy faces in person for the first time in three years.

As part of our more than two-decade financial literacy program, each year we include a lesson on money in our summer event. This time around, we played a fun import game using dice to determine the exchange rate. With each roll of the dice the yen appreciated or depreciated and children had to focus on the movement of the yen and decide the best time to import their favorite snack. They learned about different currencies, yen appreciation and depreciation, and how currency fluctuations affect the price of everyday goods.

We also had an engaging lesson on the space environment by special guests Keisuke Otsuji and Yusuke Otsuji, Finance Manager and Accounting Manager, respectively, of Astroscale Holdings. Both graduates of Tokyo University, the Otsuji brothers are certified public accountants who started their careers in auditing.

Keisuke Otsuji (left) and Yusuke Otsuji delivered an engaging lesson on the space environment

While there has been a lot of positive news about space such as commercial space travel and the recent launch of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, Astroscale is shining a light on a lesser-known aspect of space, the problem of space debris. The company is on a mission to tackle the space debris problem and create a sustainable space environment for the future.

Reference:A Sustainable World, Even in Space

During the lesson on space, the children explored the topic of space debris, what it is and the current state of the space environment, and how the growing amount of space debris impacts our daily lives. The lesson was informative and captured the attention of all the children, who eagerly raised their hands to answer questions during the quiz.

Overall, it was a fun day of learning for the kids.

Images: Photos by Toru Hanai

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