Nomura Global Nature Photo Contest 2023

In recognition of World Environment Day, a global initiative celebrated on June 5 each year, we held our global nature photo contest for the second consecutive year. This year, the contest was open to both employees and their families.

Here are the photos voted the best by our people across the globe.

Top Photos

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  • Photo by Alicia Item
  • Photo by Ayaka Okuno
  • Photo by Bhavyatta Jain
  • Photo by Hideyasu Tanaka
  • Photo by Jingqi Wang
  • Photo by Judy Liu
  • Photo by Julio Parada
  • Photo by Junichiro Shibahara
  • Photo by Kazuteru Horiguchi
  • Photo by Masashi Fujita
  • Photo by Michael
  • Photo by Naoki Koguchi
  • Photo by Naoya Kurahashi
  • Photo by Norbert Woehnl
  • Photo by Paul My
  • Photo by Piglet
  • Photo by Richard Cunningham
  • Photo by Samanvay Bhutani
  • Photo by Tomoe Kaneko
  • Photo by Tomoko Ozone
  • Photo by Vishal Amle
  • Photo by Vivek Vyas
  • Photo by Yuko Ishihara

Over the coming weeks and months, we will also be showcasing other photos here each week.

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