Investment Management

Nomura's Investment Management Division is responsible for the firm's asset management business. It brings together the investment management capabilities of Nomura Group companies, including Nomura Asset Management with its strengths in traditional asset classes, and group companies with investment experience in alternative assets such as private equity, private debt and aircraft leasing.

Investment Management leverages the know-how and expertise of the entire group to deliver added value for our clients across various asset classes, from traditional assets such as stocks and bonds to alternative assets such as private equity. We aim to provide a wide range of investment opportunities and solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

By enhancing the asset management business and expanding investment capabilities, we strive to achieve organic/inorganic growth.

Major Companies in the
Investment Management Division

The Investment Management Division mainly comprises Nomura Asset Management, Nomura Capital Partners, Nomura Mezzanine Partners, Nomura Research & Advisory and Nomura Babcock & Brown.

Nomura Asset Management

Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd. (NAM) employs approximately 1,300 professionals in 14 countries and regions around the world. NAM focuses on delivering high-quality investment strategies, products and services not only to individual investors in their respective regions, but also to a wide range of investors, including pension funds and institutional investors. As an asset management firm and responsible institutional investor, by accurately identifying the diverse investment needs of clients around the world, we aim to deliver not only superior investment returns, but to contribute to the growth and development of capital markets through stewardship activities, including dialogue with the companies in which we invest.

Nomura Capital Partners

Nomura Capital Partners Co., Ltd. (NCAP) is a private equity investment firm established in January 2018. NCAP services the diverse and complex needs of clients by providing risk money, such as equity, and other solutions for business reorganizations and revitalizations, business succession and management buyouts. We work together with clients to help them resolve the challenges they face and grow their businesses.

Nomura Mezzanine Partners

Established in September 2019, Nomura Mezzanine Partners Co., Ltd (N-MEZ) manages investment funds targeting mezzanine investment. Mezzanine financing is a form of financing that sits between equity and senior debt, and offers medium risk/return investments. N-MEZ expands deal sourcing capabilities by leveraging its fund management expertise and network, and the Nomura Group platform. Our aim is to deliver attractive investment returns for institutional investors by providing bespoke mezzanine solutions tailored to the unique Japanese market.

Nomura Babcock & Brown

Nomura Babcock & Brown Co., Ltd. (NBB) was formed as a joint venture in 1986 between Nomura Group and Babcock & Brown LP, a leading U.S. investment and advisory firm, specializing in leasing and project finance. NBB has strengths in the international leasing of aircraft and other large equipment. NBB works in close coordination with BBAM Aircraft Management LLC (BBAM) to create quality investment programs tailored to Japanese investors.

Nomura's Strategic Partnership with American
Century Investments

On May 19, 2016, Nomura Holdings acquired a non-controlling approx. 41% economic interest (voting rights of 10.1%) in American Century Investments (ACI), an independent investment management firm in the U.S.