Global Markets

Our Global Markets team services financial institutions, corporates, governments, asset managers and hedge funds around the world. We act as market makers, trading in equity and fixed income securities, including currencies, interest rates and credit in cash, derivatives and structured products.

By leveraging the strength of our intellectual capital, client relationships and technology, we offer best-in-class products across a truly integrated, global cross-asset platform. A recognized leader in Asia with an international network spanning over 30 countries and regions, we are in a unique position to offer a truly East-West service.

Our Products


We have a global offering in investment grade, high yield bond and credit derivative trading, distressed loan coverage and trading and structured credit solutions. We're also a market leader in convertible bonds trading and sales coverage with unique cross-regional coverage.

Emerging Markets

We have strong capabilities in trading external and local market debt, currencies of emerging market countries - with particular strengths in EM credit, financing EM local and external debt and EM rates trading. Additionally, we have a highly-regarded EM strategy alongside our trade ideas and economics offering.


We offer global cash equity execution with a dominant presence on multiple stock exchanges coupled with highly-regarded market insights, corporate access and equity financing services.

We also provide competitive pricing in single stock and index options, ETFs and swaps, offering you a full suite of synthetic financing solutions including OTC and listed products.


We cover G10 currencies and derivatives globally. As a client, you have access to our highly regarded FX strategy ideas as well as our industry-recognized electronic trading platform.


We are a global primary dealer in multiple government securities, including Japan, US, UK, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, New Zealand and Australia. We also have a global offering in cash rates, repo & STIRT, interest rates swaps and options, and a structured rates solution backed by true global rates idea generation, sales coverage and execution.

Securitized Products

We're a leader in Japan RMBS and Americas Agency MBS, Non-Agency trading and research / strategy. We offer our clients credit-intensive secondary trading, CMBS, non-prime and mezzanine debt coverage. Our securitized product solutions include principal risk taking capabilities to facilitate client trades, loan-on-loan real estate financing, structured warehouse, including non-recourse asset-based lending, and principal risk transfer of mortgage and consumer assets.

Our Services

From pre-trade to post-trade, you need a partner that can react quickly and intelligently. With Nomura's solutions-driven approach and global sales and trading teams, we provide you with both meaningful ideas and the means to execute them - whichever time zone you're in.

Sales & Trading

The Global Markets sales force delivers our clients with a broad spectrum of investment opportunities, liquidity, financing and hedging solutions. Nomura’s extensive footprint is both global and multi-asset enabling investors to gain access to strength, depth and breadth of product offering and expertise.

In order to provide tailored client coverage to meet a variety of needs, we provide both high-touch and low-touch service - depending on product.


Our structured investments platform builds on Nomura recognized intellectual capital and unique Asian market access, providing a range of innovative and flexible solutions for institutional investors and large distributors.

Execution Services

Global Markets Execution Services is a multi-asset platform providing integrated front-to back service to help our clients realize their strategic business vision.

Electronic Trading

Nomura offers a comprehensive suite of electronic trading capabilities across regions and asset classes. With 24/5 support and expert teams across major market centers, Nomura provides seamless access to liquidity across a wide range of platforms and interfaces.

Equities Execution (Instinet)

As the Equities execution arm of Nomura outside Japan, Instinet provides independent, agency-only brokerage services to clients globally. Through its advanced suite of electronic trading tools, experienced high-touch trading group and unparalleled access to insightful content and unique agency-only liquidity, Instinet helps institutions around the world lower overall trading costs and ultimately improve investment performance.

Futures & Options

Nomura offers a full complement of Futures and Options execution capabilities across voice, direct market access and algorithmic trading. With a global team of experts across Equity and Fixed Income products, Nomura provides a robust, 24/5 solution for clients.

Prime Finance

Nomura Prime Finance delivers a global cross-asset and multi-product platform, offering innovative single stock and index execution strategies coupled with market leading cash and synthetic prime brokerage solutions. Our services include Prime Brokerage, Asset Lending, Delta 1, Futures and Options, Cash Reinvestment, Alpha Enhancement, Equities Execution and Capital Introduction.


Our team of research professionals based in 15 regions collaborates to provide clients insights on politics, economics, foreign exchange, interest rates, equities, credit and quantitative strategies. The strength of Nomura’s global research lies in its detailed, in-depth analysis and forward-looking insights. Covering 86% of the world’s GDP and 31 currencies, we provide timely information to help our clients make informed investment decisions.