Asset Management

Nomura’s Asset Management Division, which is led by its core entity, Nomura Asset Management (NAM), employs approximately 1,400 professionals in 12 countries and regions around the world, including Japan. It focuses on delivering high-quality investment strategies, products and services not only to individual investors in their respective regions, but also to a wide range of investors, including pension funds and institutional investors. As an asset management firm practicing responsible investment, by accurately identifying the diverse investment needs of clients around the world, we aim to deliver not only superior investment returns, but to contribute to the growth and development of capital markets through stewardship activities, including dialogue with the companies in which we invest.

In addition to our traditional strength in Japanese and Asian equities, we offer alternative investment and other differentiated products, such as global high-yield bonds, absolute return funds, smart beta indexes and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Our aim is to deliver consistent outperformance for our clients to help them meet their investment objectives.

¥55.7 trillion total assets under management

¥55.7 trillion total
assets under management

as of September 2020

Over US$8.0 billion in UCITS assets under management

Over US$8.0 billion in UCITS
assets under management

as of September 2020

45% share of ETFs in Japan

45% share of
ETFs in Japan

The Investment Trusts Associations, Japan as of September 2020

Nomura Future Trend Discovery Fund course B

R&I Fund Award 2020

Won 30 Best Fund Awards in the Investment Trusts Category and Defined Contribution Pension Category

Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards 2020 Japan

Over 300 investment
professionals worldwide

Our Clients

  • Individual Investors in Japan
  • Public and Private Pension Funds
  • Governments and Central Banks
  • Commercial Banks and Insurance Companies

Our Products and Services

  • Global, Regional and Single Country Equities
  • Global Fixed Income Strategies
  • Quantitative Strategies
  • Alternative Investments
  • Multi-Asset Strategy

Fund of the Year 2019

Nomura Information Electronics Fund

Nomura Future Trend Discovery Fund B Course
(no currency hedging)

Nomura Target Income Fund
(3% annual target distribution type)

'Double Brain'


£ Strategic Bond Category

Nomura Funds Ireland- Global Dynamic Bond

Investment Week

Fund Manager of the Year Award 2020

Nomura Islamic Asset Management Sdn.Bhd

Global Islamic Financial Awards (GIFA)

Best Islamic Fund Manager 2017

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