Awards & Recognition

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Publication Award Category Date
Institutional Investor All-Asia Research Team rankings
  • No.3 ranked: Technology/Hardware/Semiconductors
  • Runners up: Technology/IT Services & Software
May 2016
Asia's Top Corporate Access Providers ranking
  • Runners up: Technology / Hardware, Technology / Semiconductors
May 2016
All-India Research Team rankings
  • No.1 ranked: Autos & Auto Parts, Oil & Gas
  • No.2 ranked: Economics
  • Runners up: Financials/Banks
November 2016
All-Japan Research Team Ranking
  • No.1 overall (team-based)
  • No.1 ranked: Autos, Banks, Electronics/Industrial, Electronics/Precision Instruments, Housing & Real Estate, Machinery, Metals, Software, Telecommunications, Currency & Foreign Exchange, Fixed-Income Strategy
  • No.2 ranked: Broadcasting, Chemicals, Construction, Internet, REITs, Technical Materials, Trading Companies, Transportation
  • No.3 ranked: Beverages/Food & Tobacco, Electronics/Components, Insurance & Other Nonbank Financials, Plant Engineering & Shipbuilding, Equity Strategy
  • Runners up: Electronics/Consumer, Energy & Utilities, Health Care & Pharmaceuticals, Retailing, Economics, Quantitative Research
May 2017
All-Japan Sales Team Ranking
  • No.2 overall
April 2017
Japan's Top Corporate Access Provider Ranking
  • No.1 overall
May 2017
All-China Research Team rankings
  • No.1 ranked: Technology
  • No.3 ranked: Internet
  • Runners up: Conglomerates, Gaming, Lodging & Leisure, Insurance, Real Estate, Telecommunications
December 2016
All-Europe Research Team rankings
  • No.1 ranked team: Oil Services
  • Runners up: Beverages, Oil & Gas (Exploration & Production), Tobacco
February 2016
All-Europe Fixed Income Research Team rankings
  • No.3 ranked team: Quantitative Analysis
March 2015
All-America Fixed Income Research Survey
  • No.1 ranked: Currency/Foreign Exchange
August 2015
GlobalCapital GlobalCapital Bond Awards 2017
  • No.1 Coming Force in FIG Bonds
  • No.1 Best FIG Bond House for Creative and Useful Funding Ideas
  • No.1 Most Impressive FIG Bond House in Yen
  • No.1 Most Impressive Uridashi dealer for SSAs
  • No.2 Most Impressive Bank at Sourcing New Borrowers for the MTN Market, Most Impressive FIG Bond Syndicate Banker
  • No.3 Most Impressive FIG Bond House in Sterling, Most impressive SSA Bond Origination Banker
Jun 2017
Global Derivatives Awards 2017
  • Volatility Derivatives Bank of the Year
September 2017
Euromoney FX Survey 2016
  • Most improved volume by institution type - Banks
May 2016
Asiamoney Asiamoney's Brokers Poll 2016
  • Best Overall Combined Research and Sales
  • Best Research Coverage: Energy, Transportation
Jan 2017
Risk Magazine Risk Awards
  • Risk solutions house of the year
November 2017
AsiaRisk Interdealer Rankings
  • No.3: Japan single name equity products
  • No.3: JPY interest rate products
  • No.4: Japan equity index products
  • No.5: JPY currency products
  • No.5: KRW currency products
March 2017
Hedgeweek The sixth annual Hedgeweek Awards
  • Best Global Consultant in Business Strategy
April 2015
ETF Express ETF Express Global Awards
  • Best Asia Pacific ETF Market Maker
March 2015
FinanceAsia Fixed Income Research Poll
  • No.4 overall
  • No.2 ranked: Financial Sector, Investment-Grade Credit, High-Yield
  • No.4 ranked: Fixed Income and Credit Strategy
  • No.5 ranked: Sovereign Credit
December 2016
The Asset 2015 Asian G3 Bond Benchmark Review
  • 2 analysts ranked in the top 10
October 2015
mtn-i EMTN/PP Deal of the Year
  • EUR100m/EUR100m notes due 2116
February 2017
Investor Solutions Award
  • Euro Rate Structures
February 2017
Extel Extel EMEA Equities Survey Results 2015
  • No.1: Oil Services, Quantitative/Database Analysis
  • No.2: Beverages, Oil & Gas, Tobacco
June 2015
The TRADE 2015 Global Execution Management System (EMS) Survey
Vendor Roll of Honor - Instinet Newport 3
Reliability and Availability
Client Service Personnel
Ease of Use
Timeliness of Updating with Broker Enhancements
Breadth of Direct Connections to Venues
Product Development - Planning and Delivery
Overall Cost of Operation
November 2015
Waters Technology Waters Rankings 2015
  • Best Algorithmic Trading Provider
  • Best Crossing Network Provider
July 2015
Wall Street Letter 2016 Institutional Trading Awards
  • Best Cross-Asset Trading Solution -Instinet
February 2016
Nikkei Nikkei analyst survey
  • No.2 overall
32 Industry sectors and market categories
No.1 ranked: Industrial electronics, Glass / Paper & Pulp, Steel/nonferrous metals, Precision instruments/semiconductor equipment, Machinery, Banks, Construction, Housing/real estate, Telecommunications, Business solution
No.2 ranked: Autos, Chemicals/Textiles, Leisure/Amusement, REIT
No.3 ranked: Electronic parts, Insurance & Diversified financials, Trading companies, Energy & Utilities, Transportation, Quants analysis
No.3 All equity analysts
March 2017
Fixed Income / FX Analyst and Economist
No.3 overall
No.1 ranked: FX analysts, Credit analysts
No.3 ranked: Economists, Bond analysts
March 2017
Thomson Reuters Analyst Awards Japan 2017
Broker Awards
No.1 Overall
Earnings Estimator
No.1 Overall Healthcare Technology Hardware
No.1 Technology Hardware, Autos, Financial Services, Healthcare
No.2 Industrials, Machinery, Metals, Retail
No.3 Trading Companies
Stock Pickers
No.3 Energy & Utilities, Real Estate
August 2017
The Starmine Analyst Awards 2015 (Japan)
Broker Awards
No.1 Overall
Stock Pickers
No.1 Overall
No.1 Software & IT Services
No.2 Technology Hardware
No.3 Chemicals
Earnings Estimator
No.1 Chemicals, Technology Hardware
No.2 Banks, Real Estate/Household Durables, Machinery, Trading Companies & Distributors
No.3 Industrials, Retail, Energy & Utilities
August 2015
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