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Global Research


Nomura's global research is renowned for its combination of accuracy and forward-looking coverage. With research hubs in key Asia-Pacific markets, including Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as in London and New York, we currently have some 560 researchers in 15 countries and regions globally. Our researchers collaborate closely across regions and disciplines to track changes and spot future trends in politics, economics, foreign exchange, interest rates, equities, credit and quantitative strategies. This extensive network of intellectual capital provides our clients with timely, actionable information.

Macro Approach to Global Research

Nomura's global research covers GDP data for 38 countries and regions around the world, 32 different currencies, and every major stock market in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia. This represents 90% of the world's economic and financial indicators, positioning us well to provide timely information that investors can put to immediate use.

Award-Winning Research

Our research consistently receives high industry recognition. In the 2013 equity research rankings announced by Institutional Investor, we topped the All-Japan Research Team for the fourth year running.

Meanwhile, Nomura has confirmed its position as the world's pre-eminent provider of FX research, with its Asian FX and Rates Strategy team ranked #1 in the 2013 Institutional Investor All-Asia Research Team survey. The achievement of Nomura's Asian FX and rates strategy team mirrors that of its number one ranked FX/Currency Research team in the most recent Institutional Investor All-America Fixed Income Research survey, and number two ranked FX Research Team in the All-Europe Fixed Income Research survey.

Nomura's bond research also received strong recognition, with our Bond Strategy team in Japan ranked number one and our US MBS team ranked second in their respective fields. Furthermore, we topped the Nikkei Veritas rankings for bond analysts, credit analysts, securitization analysts, and Japanese equity analysts.

Leading the Global Flow of Money

Nomura's award-winning worldwide forex research team consists of 17 full-time researchers covering 32 major currencies. By providing timely information on forecasts and strategy for each currency, they help money from Japan flow to the rest of the world and money from the rest of the world flow into Japan and Asia.

Another strength found in Nomura's global research is our ability to quickly provide investment ideas on multiple asset classes based on multifaceted analysis of standalone themes. For example, in April 2013 our researchers around the world debated the impact that the Bank of Japan's quantitative easing program would have on individual financial products. These discussions were used to provide investment implications on not only Japanese equities, the yen-dollar exchange rate, and the Japanese economy, but also European and North American debt, international equities and emerging market currencies to clients. In this regard, our researchers played a key role in leading the global flow of money.

In-Depth Equity Research Coverage

The cornerstone of Nomura's equity research is our in-depth, focused analysis of core global sectors, particularly those that are highly sensitive to economic, market and corporate trends in the Asia-Pacific region, where Nomura can leverage its natural advantage as Asia's global investment bank. We launched our US coverage in earnest in October 2010 and after narrowing our focus to key sectors, which include financial services, telecommunications, technology, and retail, our US coverage has expanded to more than 200 stocks. In Asia, we merged our Japan and ex-Japan equity research teams to enable more seamless coverage of growing Asian markets. As of March 31, 2013, we covered some 1,300 companies in Japan and Asia and approximately 400 stocks in Europe.

Global equity research coverage (As of June 30, 2013)
Total; 1,851 companies, Europe 376, Japan 548, Asia (Exciuding Japan) 724, Americas 203

High-Quality Research with a Focus on Global Trends

We offer timely, clearly presented evaluations of global trends and anticipated developments in reports covering such themes as the change of government administrations seen around the world in 2012, the risk of a collapse in the euro, the US fiscal cliff, shale gas, and corporate governance.

With growing interest in the sustainability of companies and other organizations, Nomura has been conducting research on themes with a close correlation to the environment, including power grid stabilization measures as well as the carbon capture and storage business.

Meanwhile, investments that are considerate of the environment, society and governance, or ESG, are beginning to catch on more widely among mainly European investors. Yet, with the release of the Principles for Financial Action towards a Sustainable Society by Japan's Ministry of the Environment in 2011, interest has also blossomed in ESG-friendly investments among Japanese investors as well. With this in mind, Nomura organized its first seminar on ESG investments in July 2012. Nomura also publishes reports on utilizing ESG information in equity investing as part of its ongoing commitment to provide investment ideas and hints on how best to use ESG information. Going forward, Nomura will continue to provide beneficial research to its clients through the development of related equity indexes and other means.

ESG rating

Information for evaluating companies: (1) Nonfinancial information such as Environmental, Social and Governance information are used for ESG rating. (2) Financial information is used for Fundamental analysis' ratings.
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