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Our History & Founder's Principles

Nomura Group's Basic Principles are rooted in Our Founder's Principles and "Code of Ethics of Nomura Group". To serve as a more practical guide for our business operations, we established a "Mission Statement" and "Principles of Conduct" in March 2007 to clarify our social mission.

Our History

Our Founder's Principles

Nomura Group has been committed to contributing to social development since its foundation. We believe that our corporate social responsibility is nothing other than the practical expression of our Founder's Principles.

About our founder Tokushichi Nomura

About our founder Tokushichi Nomura

Take a look back at our early days through the eyes of our founder Tokushichi Nomura.

Code of Ethics of Nomura Group

Nomura Group established a "Code of Ethics of Nomura Group" in March 2004. The Code is based on our Founder's Principles and covers the precepts that each Nomura Group executive and employee is expected to observe in relation to corporate governance and our corporate social responsibility.

Mission Statement

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