Nomura Wins Gold and Silver in Gan-Ally-Bu Award 2021

Nomura Holdings promotes Health and Productivity Management as part of our proactive management approach to employee health and well-being. We work to improve health outcomes and ensure that our people can work while undergoing treatment for illnesses such as cancer.

Nomura Securities won the Gold award for the fourth year in a row in the Gan-Ally-Bu Award 2021. Nomura Asset Management, Nomura Business Services and Nomura Properties, whose initiatives were assessed for the first time this year, were each awarded Silver. Gan-Ally-Bu is a non-governmental project organized by Gan Ally Bu. Gan Ally Bu's aim is to create workplaces and a society where cancer patients can thrive while receiving treatment. Gan means cancer in Japanese.

At the award ceremony held online on November 29, Nomura Securities presented the initiatives that have earned it Gold each year since the award's inception.

In addition to being evaluated on specific initiatives, as part of our recognition for this award, Nomura made a declaration to be an ally to cancer patients and to ensure employees can work while undergoing treatment. Gold was awarded to 21 companies, 19 companies received Silver, and 4 companies were awarded Bronze.

Nomura Securities' Initiatives

Nomura Group is committed to creating a work environment where our people can thrive while fighting cancer. Through our initiatives, we will strive to contribute to a healthy society.

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