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Consultations and inquires


Please feel free to contact us with any consultations or inquiries:

Nomura Healthcare Co, Ltd

Client Solutions Dept. (TEL 03-5255-1024) email address:

Contact us

(About the handling of personal information)

Personal information customers provide us is obtained by Nomura Healthcare Co, Ltd ("Nomura Healthcare"). However, this information is shared within Nomura Securities Co, Ltd ("Nomura Securities"), with Nomura Healthcare responsible for the management of this information.

  1. The personal information items that Nomura Healthcare shares with Nomura Securities are the client's corporation name, department name, job title, name, address, telephone number, fax number, and email address.
  2. Personal information will be used by Nomura Healthcare or Nomura Securities for the reasons outlined on the pages corresponding to the following URLs.
  3. Nomura Healthcare is responsible for managing customer personal information used by Nomura Healthcare and Nomura Securities.
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