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In 2010, two additional Outside Directors from abroad joined the Board of Directors, which is now comprised of a majority of Outside Directors. In 2015, we established "Outside Directors Meetings" where they discuss matters related to our business and corporate governance regularly. In addition, we invited Asian experts as members of the Advisory Board, which is designed to upgrade our corporate governance, helping us evolve into a "global investment bank." In 2019, all three of our committees have an Outside Director as the Chairman to further enhance our corporate governance structure. In addition, the Succession Plan was discussed in the Nomination Committee, concerning the Group CEO qualifications based on factors such as the management environment and candidate proposal to further develop our governance structure.

In the same year, we published Nomura Group Code of Conduct, to build upon the Code of Ethics of Nomura Group, established in 2004, into actions and guidelines for Nomura Group officers and employees. We operate all of our business activities based on the Code, and we strive to fulfill our responsibility not just to shareholders but to all other stakeholders.

Our company's continuous efforts to strengthen corporate governance are reflected in the corporate governance framework, which is shown as the "Nomura Holdings Corporate Governance Guidelines," established in November 2015. In addition, the current status of compliance with the Corporate Governance Code is disclosed in the Corporate Governance Report.

  2003 2021
Ratio of Outside Directors 36% 67%
Ratio of non-Japanese Directors 0% 33%
Ratio of female Directors 0% 25%

Adopted a Company with Committees, etc. structure (now known as a Company with Three Board Committees): 2003
Established the Advisory Board as an advisory body to the Executive Management Board: 2001
Regularly held Outside Directors Meetings: 2015

Form of Corporate Governance of Japanese Companies

Image: Form of Corporate Governance of Japanese Companies

Source: Nomura, Japan Exchange Group "Corporate Governance Information Search" (As of July 7, 2020)

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