Fundamental Approach

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct (PDF 3,207KB) is established as guidelines for corporate activities and our conduct. We promise our suppliers that we will uphold integrity and responsibility towards society under the Code. (The following is excerpt from the Code relating to our business with suppliers.)

5. Uphold the highest standards of compliance

We strictly comply with applicable laws and regulations.
In addition, we work with the highest level of compliance awareness to protect our clients and ensure market integrity.

12. Never pursue self-interests

We do not use information obtained in the course of our business or take advantage of our position at Nomura to gain any improper personal benefit.
When trading securities using our personal account, we comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as rules set by Nomura Group companies.

13. Control gifts and entertainment

We do not offer or accept cash (including facilitation payments), cash equivalents, inappropriate gifts or excessive business entertainment from public officials and business counterparts.

17. Move towards the future

We play an important role in providing flow of funds and helping create innovation that contribute to building a sustainable society. We continue to actively address environmental and social issues, such as climate change and social inequality. We strive to help achieve a truly enriched society together with our stakeholders, and commit to build a robust operation platform to drive sustainability.

18. Contribute to a sustainable society

We respect cultures and customs of all countries and regions, and always act responsibly toward the environment and society. We continue to actively engage in a wide range of social contribution activities for a sustainable world.

19. Respect diversity and human rights

We promote equal opportunity and do not discriminate on grounds such as nationality, race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, creed, social status, or existence of or nonexistence of disability.
We respect differences in values and are always sincere.

Nomura Group Sustainability Statement

Nomura Group established Nomura Group Sustainability Statement to further promote the realization of a sustainable environment and society by informing stakeholders including suppliers about its approach to sustainability-related activities and its envisaged response to environmental and social risks.

Nomura Group Sustainability Statement (PDF 168KB)

Our activities along Nomura Group Sustainability Statement are introduced on the page below.

Nomura Group Sustainability

The following is the key ESG performance data of the Nomura Group.

ESG data

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